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Kent Company – Coin Board Manufacturer

Kent Company coin boards and founder Joseph Kent.
Kent Company coin boards and founder Joseph Kent.

Kent Company was a coin board manufacturer established in 1934 by Joseph Kent Post, then an engineer at Neenah, Wisconsin paper products manufacturer Kimberly-Clark.

Post, a coin enthusiast, saw the boards as an exciting game and an efficient storage solution for coin collectors. The boards carried labels such as “Lincoln Penny Collector”, “Indian Head Penny Collector”, and “Buffalo Nickel Collector”. His initial releases carried the tagline “Fill Me If You Can” – a tease and acknowledgment that collecting one of each date and mintmark of the coins from these series was not always as easy a task as one might assume.

Post produced the boards through the Whitman Publishing Company, after bringing the product to the attention of Dick Yeo (R.S. Yeoman). In less than a year’s time, Whitman saw the potential of adding the product to its portfolio and expanding distribution nationally. In 1935, Whitman bought the rights to Post’s coin boards and, according to the late researcher David W. Lange, would produce a million or more examples over the course of the next several years.

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