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Künker eLive Auction 55 of Ancient and World Coins Starts Today

By Künker GmbH ……

Dear Bidders and Coin Enthusiasts,

Today starts our eLive Auction 55 session with more than 1,500 lots, featuring pieces ranging from the ancient world to modern times as well as over 860 lots of orders and decorations.

Enough time to study the pieces of the upcoming auction on www.elive-auction.de.

The eLive Auction will take place on:

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 6 pm

  • Lot 1 – 142: Coins from the Ancient World
  • Lot 143 – 460: European Coins and Medals
  • Lot 461 – 502: Coins and Medals from Overseas
  • Lot 503 – 621: Habsburg Dynasty
  • Lot 622: German Medieval Coin
  • Lot 623 – 741: German coins and medals: Altenburg – Brandenburg-Prussia

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 6 pm

  • Lot 742 – 1198: German coins and medals: Brunswick and Lüneburg – Württemberg
  • Lot 1199 – 1219: Medals
  • Lot 1220 – 1466: German coins after 1871
  • Lot 1467 – 1468: Coin pots and coin jewelry
  • Lot 1469 – 1490: Assorted Lots
  • Lot 1491 – 1492: Pre-Ancient Coinage
  • Lot 1493 – 1501: Coin Weights
  • Lot 1502 – 1503: Weights

Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 3 pm

  • Lot 2001 – 2122: The Ottoman Collection, part IV
  • Lot 2123 – 2307: The Peter Groch Collection, part II
  • Lot 2308 – 2409: German Orders and Decorations
  • Lot 2410 – 2424: Orders and Decorations from all over the world
  • Lot 2425: Orders and Decorations from int. organizations
  • Lot 2426 – 2817: European Orders and Decorations
  • Lot 2818 – 2865: Orders and Decorations from Overseas

Please enjoy our eLive Auction 55 and have fun browsing through our wide range of coins, medals, orders, and decorations.

Many regards from Osnabrück,

Your Künker Team

Highlights of eLive Auction 55

Lot number 5
Kingdom of Macedonia
Archelaos I, 413-399 BCE
Estimate: 250 euros

Lot number 143
Baltic States, Estonia
Russian Generalgouvernement, 1710-1917.
Silver medal 1816.
Very rare. Nice patina, small scratches, extremely fine.
Estimate: 500 euros

Lot number 160
2nd Republic since 1917.
200 Markkaa 1926, Helsinki.
Extremely fine.
Estimate: 800 euros

Lot number 310
Albert II since 2005.
2 Euros 2007.
Rare. In original case. Uncirculated.
Estimate: 750 euros

Lot number 487
Silver medal 1822.
Extremely rare. Extremely fine.
Estimate: 750 euros

Lot number 933
Friederike Auguste Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst, 1793-1807.
Reichstaler 1798, Silberhütte.
Rare. Only 1,000 pieces struck. Very fine-extremely fine.
Estimate: 500 euros

Lot number 1078
Electorate of Saxony
Friedrich August I, 1694-1733 (Augustus the Strong).
Gold medal in the weight of 1 Ducat n. d.
Rare. Very fine-extremely fine.
Estimate: 750 euros

Lot number 1367
Weimar Republic
2 Rentenpfennig 1924 A.
Proof. Slightly touched.
Estimate: 50 euros

Lot number 2173
The Peter Groch Collection- Bavaria
Order for Military Merit, officers cross (since 1900), 2nd edition (since 1905), gold, hollow, enamels, with pin.
Estimate: 2,000 euros

Lot number 2364
German Reich 1871-1918
Medal for marriage anniversary, edition for the so-called “iron wedding” for 65 years, medal, not wearable, silver, in frame, bronze gilt, in original case.
Estimate: 500 euros

Lot number 2730
Soviet Union
Order of Bogdan Chmelnizki, breast star 2nd degree, type 1, variant 4, manufacturing by the Moscow mint, silver, gold, on the reverse numbered “1055”, with bolt and nut.
Estimate: 1,500 euros

Participating Live on the Internet

If you’d like to participate in the eLive Auction over the internet, your personal myKünker login data is required. Registration takes place exclusively at www.kuenker.de.

Our service for you: by means of this login data we offer you a simple login process at www.kuenker.de and www.elive-auction.de and thus participation in the online auction, and we also enable you to shop in our Online Shop.

General Advice

As always I have worked out the descriptions of the offered items with respect to scientific aspects proven in many years and to the best of my knowledge and belief. The starting prices are placed on a very “reasonable” level. It is self-understanding that Künker’s gives a full and temporally unlimited warranty for originality for all the offered items if not otherwise stated.

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