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Künker eLive Auction 69: Ancient, World Coins and Military Decorations

Künker eLive Auction 69: Ancient, World Coins and Military Decorations

Künker eLive Auction 69 is online. From now on you can study all pieces of the upcoming auction at your leisure.

More than 1,800 lots–from the ancient world to modern times, as well as military orders and decorations–await you on three evenings: Tuesday, 30 November to Thursday, 2 December 2021, starting at 5 pm Central European Time (11 am Eastern Standard Time).

The auction starts late Tuesday afternoon with the ancient coins. This part is filled with many small series of interesting coins; in particular, we refer to the didrachms of Taranto, the silver pieces of Seleucus I (Syria), and Sophytes (Bactria) in different denominations. Among the Roman coins, there are some provincial coinages: they come, for example, from Elaia (Aeolis), Alexandria (Aegyptus), Caesarea (Cappadocia), and Antioch (Syria). The Ayyubid dinars grouped into lots, including Al-Nasir Salah al-din Yusuf bin Ayyub (Saladin), close the illustrious circle of ancient coins.

The medieval and modern coins and medals will follow directly after the ancient coins. We recommend you take a look at a collection of coins from Mainz. Furthermore, we present you with nice pieces from Habsburg as well as a series of Prussian medals.

On Thursday we will devote ourselves entirely to orders and decorations from Germany, Europe, and overseas. On offer will be the seventh part of the Peter Groch collection with decorations and effects of the aviation of the Central Powers in the First World War as well as the Baden collection of Gerhard “Jimmy” Treffeisen. Orders, badges of honor, medals, badges, and small badges from the German states, the German Empire from 1919 to 1945, the Federal Republic of Germany, and a number of German marksmen awards, as well as from European countries and from overseas from other properties are to follow.

We now hope you enjoy studying our eLive Auction 69.

Many regards from Osnabrück,

Your Künker Team


Tuesday, November 30 – 5 pm (CET)

  • Coins from the ancient World
  • European Coins and Medals
  • Coins and Medals from overseas
  • Habsburg Hereditary Lands-Austria
  • German Coins and Medals: Aachen – Brandenburg-Prussia (Friedrich Wilhelm II.)

Wednesday, December 1 – 5 pm (CET)

  • German Coins and Medals: Brandenburg-Prussia (Friedrich Wilhelm III.) – Württemberg
  • Medals
  • German Coins after 1871
  • Lots

Thursday, December 2 – 5 pm (CET)

  • The Peter Groch Collection, part 7
  • The Gerhard Treffeisen Collection
  • German Orders and Decorations
  • European Orders and Decorations
  • Orders and Decorations from Overseas

Select Highlights from eLive Auction 69

Lot number 15
Stater, around 500 BCE
Very rare. Fine toning, very fine.
Estimate: 2,000 euros

Lot number 55
Dareike, around 420/375 BCE
Very fine.
Estimate: 750 euros

Lot number 237
Ferrante II Gonzaga, 1575-1621-1630.
Tallero 1620.
Very rare. Small edeg fault at the edge, very fine-extremely fine.
Estimate: 1,500 euros

Lot number 1189
Albert, 1873-1902.
Silver commemorative coin in the size of a 2 Marks piece 1892.
From polished dies. Tiny scratches, extremely fine-uncirculated.
Estimate: 1,000 euros

Lot number 1273
5 Reichsmarks n. d. (1927) D. Pattern.
Extremely rare. Some test marks at the edge, small scratch in the field on the obvers, extremely fine.
Estimate: 2,000 euros

Lot number 2507
Imperial Austrian Franz Joseph Order (1849), breast star for the Commander’s Cross (with star), 2nd model (1872-1918), 1st issue (with application in gold – 1872-1916), made by Vinc Meyer’s Söhne in Vienna, 900/000 silver, application gold enamelled, with in the upper part damaged (broken) pin, in the original black, slightly warped, gold-coloured printed case from Meyer’s Söhne.
Estimate: 1,500 euros

Lot number 2535
Order of the Brilliant Star, 3rd class set consisting of: badge with the original full sash ribbon, and breast star, both with matriculation number “392”, with pin, in their original case.
Estimate: 5,000 euros

Participating Live on the Internet

In order to participate in the eLive Auction live on the internet, a personal myKünker Account is required. This free service enables you not only to place your bid in all areas of the websites KÜNKER and eLIVE AUCTION but to make purchases, too.

Sending Bids by Fax, Phone, and Email

While online bidding is always available we also gladly accept your bids by:

Fax: +49 541 96202 22
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 541 96202 0

Please note: The likelihood of errors increases, if we do receive your bid shortly before the auction. We thus recommend sending your bids as early as possible.

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