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Legarda Collection of Filipino Countermarks Offered by Stack’s Bowers

Legarda Collection of Filipino Countermarks Offered by Stack's Bowers

By Kyle PonterioSenior Numismatist and Cataloger, Stack’s Bowers Galleries ……
For this week’s highlight, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is featuring the extensive and important collection of Filipino countermarks assembled by Angelita and Benito Legarda. Well-known and highly regarded, their foresight and attention to detail in this diverse area of collecting is very evident. Despite the highly nuanced nature of the Filipino series, their collection—assembled over decades of searching—features many rare, unusual, and intriguing examples, and will surely serve as a benchmark collection.

Some of the more interesting pieces from this large assortment contain countermarks, either of an “F.7.0” for Ferdinand VII or “Y.II.” for Isabel II. Also of note are high-grade and seldom-encountered host coins from countries such as Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, and Spain. The sampling below covers a wide array of issues and offers a glimpse into the vastness of this series, as well as into the impossible task of completing a seemingly endless combination of host coins and countermarks.

Ferdinand VII – F.7.0

  • Extremely Rare Brazilian Host coin: 41279 – Philippines – Brazil – Mexico. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1832-34). NGC AU Details–Cleaned; C/S: UNC Strong.
  • Seldom Encountered Armored Bust 8 Reales: 41284 – Philippines – Mexico. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1833-34). NGC VF Details–Chopmarked; C/S: XF Standard.
  • Exceptional Quality Cuzco Mint: 41292 – Philippines – Peru. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1832-34). NGC AU-50; C/S: AU Standard.
  • Only Known Countermarked Minor Coin of Ferdinand VII: 41298 – Philippines – Peru. 2 Reales, ND (ca. 1832). NGC VF-25; C/S: XF Strong.

Isabel II – Y.II.

  • Double Countermarked Obverse: 41302 – Philippines – Chile. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1834-37). NGC VF-35; C/S: XF Standard.
  • Outstanding Central American Republic, Possibly Unique Costa Rican Mint Host: 41306 – Philippines – Costa Rica. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1834-37). NGC AU-53; C/S: UNC Strong.
  • Charmingly Crude Sombrerete de Vargas: 41310 – Philippines – Mexico. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1834-37). NGC EF-40; C/S: AU Standard.
  • Highly Desirable Spanish 20 Reales De Vellon: 41344 – Philippines – Spain. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1834-37). NGC FINE-12; C/S: XF Strong.
  • Important Perforated 8 Reales – Integral to the Understanding of the Series: 41345 – Philippines – Mexico. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1834-37). NGC VF-25.
  • Extremely Rare Single Countermark Over Perforation: 41346 – Philippines – Peru. 8 Reales, ND (ca. 1834-37). NGC VF-20; C/S: XF Standard.
  • Seldom Encountered 4 Reales: 41347 – Philippines – Mexico. 4 Reales, ND (1835-37). NGC VF-20; C/S: XF Standard.
  • One of the Keys to the Series: 41350 – Philippines – Mexico. Real, ND (ca. 1835-37). NGC FINE-12; C/S: VF Standard.

Our presentation of the Legarda Collection can be seen in its entirety here.

To view our upcoming auction schedule and future offerings, please visit StacksBowers.com where you may register and participate in this and other forthcoming sales.

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