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Legend Auctions: Monster Toned Dollars Bring Big Money in Big Easy

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Morgan Toned Dollars

Legend Rare Coin Auctions conducted its 21st Regency Auction on the evening of May 18. The sale consisted of 520 hand selected, quality rare coins featuring several important collections.

Included among these was Part 2 of the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns, selections from JK’s Mirror Collection, the Linda Collection of Mint State Trade Dollars, and Part 4 of the Northern Lights Collection. Regency Auction XXI saw decent prices overall, with areas of surprising strength, showing that truly special coins, properly marketed in our boutique venue, will bring “beyond moon money.” Numerous price records fell during the session as numismatists from across the globe competed for their prized new purchases.

Two portions of the sale saw especially heavy bidding.

“We were astonished at some of the prices realized for some of the Proof Franklin half dollars from JK’s Mirror Collection,” explained Julie Abrams. “These more modern issues really are not our bailiwick, but lots 288, 295, and 297 brought exceptionally strong prices realized.”

(1951 PCGS PR66 DCAM CAC, 1959 PCGS PR67 DCAM, 1961 DDR PCGS PR67 brought $13,512.50, $9,987.50, and $5,757.50 USD, respectively.)

“Of course, the other area of strength was in the monster toned Morgan dollars,” declared Laura Sperber, founder of Legend Auctions, “The prices can be divided into two categories, ‘record prices’ and ‘insane, beyond moon money prices!’”

Coins in the latter category were:

  • Lot 338 1879-S PCGS MS67+ CAC bean ‘SUPER FLY’, which realized $27,025 on a $7,500+ estimate
  • Lot 344 1881-S PCGS MS66+ CAC bean ‘KRYPTONITE’, which realized $17,625 on a $4,000+ estimate
  • Lot 347 1882-S PCGS MS67 CAC bean ‘WOWSER BOWSER’, which realized $15,275 on a $3,000+ estimate
  • Lot 348 1882-S PCGS MS67+ CAC bean ‘HIGH ANXIETY’, which realized $15,862.50 on a $10,000+ estimate
  • Lot 354 1886 PCGS MS67 CAC bean ‘OUTRAGEOUS’, which realized $21,737.50 on a $7,000+ estimate

Sperber continued:

“It does amaze us how extreme the depth of the market is for these amazing works of art. The demand for the simply stupefying amazing toned dollars is just never ending. There really is a parallel between exceptional quality rare coins and other valued collectibles. As we were conducting our sale, Sotheby’s sold a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat for $110,500,000–the highest price ever paid for a work by an American artist at auction. Collectors, whether they collect high-end coins, or high-end art, will do fierce battle to acquire the objects of their desires.”

Other strong prices realized include:

  • Lot 87 $3 1871 J-1167. PCGS PR66 RB CAC bean, realized $18,212.50
  • Lot 95 1C 1793 WREATH. LETTERED EDGE. PCGS MS64 BN CAC bean, realized $293,750
  • Lot 112 1C 1909-S V.D.B. PCGS MS66+ RD CAC bean, realized $22,912.50
  • Lot 133 2C 1870 PCGS PR66+ RD CAM CAC bean, realized $24,675
  • Lot 173 10C 1797 16 STARS. PCGS MS62 CAC bean, realized $31,725
  • Lot 198 25C 1824/2 PCGS AU55 CAC bean, realized $25,850
  • Lot 199 25C 1825/4/3 PCGS MS64 CAC bean, realized $15,275
  • Lot 249 50C 1873 NO ARROWS, CLOSED 3. PCGS PR65 DCAM, realized $8,812.50
  • Lot 438 $1 1927-S PCGS MS65 CAC bean, realized $15,275
  • Lot 445 1C-$1 1886 ORIGINAL PROOF SET, PCGS PR66-67, realized $55,812.50
  • Lot 446 G$1 1849 NO L. PCGS MS66 CAC bean, realized $15,862.50
  • Lot 489 $10 1913-S PCGS MS62 CAC bean, realized $17,037.50
  • Lot 490 $10 1908 MOTTO. MATTE. PCGS PR67 CAC bean, realized $146,875 (a record price for the issue!)

“Legend Rare Coin Auctions continues to grow with each sale,” said Greg Cohen, Senior Numismatist at Legend Rare Coin Auctions. “This sale did see a record number of registered bidders participating in the sale, bidding prior to and during the sale online.”

Julie Abrams continued, “Our niche spot in the rare coin auction business, as the boutique venue that offers only the finest and freshest, hand selected coins enables bidders to participate with full confidence that they will only be getting the best quality coins for their collections. With the results of Regency Auction XXI, we have proved once again that Legend Rare Coin Auctions is the small auction house that gets big results!”

Legend has a robust auction schedule for the remainder of 2017, including monthly Premier Sessions, Internet only auctions and Regency Auctions in July, October, and December. Contact Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen if you would like to discuss consigning. Time and space are limited, so act now. Legend offers the finest customer service, competitive commission and cash advance terms and generous finders fees on qualified consignments. You can reach Julie at [email protected] or (845) 430-4378, or Greg at [email protected] or (732) 935- 1168.

For more information visit www.legendauctions.com.

* * *

Legend Rare Coin Auctions (LRCA), based in Lincroft, NJ, is a boutique-style rare coin auction firm.

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions
Legend Rare Coin Auctions
Founded in 2012 by Laura Sperber, Owner and President of Legend Numismatics, Legend Rare Coin Auctions (LRCA) was a boutique numismatic auction company specializing in the finest and rarest U.S. coins. LRCA’s staff of numismatic auction industry veterans included Julie Abrams, President; Greg Cohen, Senior Numismatist; and Jessica Berkman, Consignment Coordinator. The firm’s Regency Auctions served as the official auction for the PCGS Members’ Shows, held six times per year. LRCA sold many important collections for world-record prices, including the Coronet Collection of Morgan Dollars (#1 all-time PCGS set); the David Hall—Bob Simpson Collection of Liberty Head Eagles; the Sunnywood-Simpson Collection of Morgan Dollars; the Phil Flannagan Collection of Territorial Gold, Toned Dollars and 1795 coins; duplicates from the Gerald Forsythe Collections of Buffalo Nickels and Mercury Dimes; the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns; the Northern Lights Collection of Monster Toned Morgan Dollars; the Crow River Collections of Indian Head $10s and Peace Dollars; the P.F.M Collection (former #6 PCGS Set of Morgan Dollars with varieties); the Oak Crest Collection of Carson City $5 gold; and the Konstantine Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars, the #1 PCGS Set of Red Book varieties, 1807-1836. The firm recorded the second-highest APR in 2016 with the sale of Bob Simpson’s duplicate 1879 $20 “Quintuple Stella”, which realized $1,880,000.

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