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Live at the ANA with CoinWeek – Charles Morgan talks with Charmy Harker The “Penny Lady”

The “Penny Lady” show us a 25 planchet Lincoln Cent Error

One of the joys of collecting is the people that you meet and interact with. That is also true of Coin Dealers. Charmy Harker is known as the “Penny Lady” for her love and knowledge of all things about Indian Head and Lincoln cents. She is also one of the most delightful people you will ever encounter on a bourse floor.

Charmy shows Charles a Lincoln cent error that as far as we know is unique. It is a group of 25 one-cent planchets that were “fused together” during some mishap with the mint press feeder. Whatever the cause, it is a really cool example of what can go wrong in the press room.

Check back on a regular basis this week, as we will be posting multiple impromptu and less formal video “insider reports” EVERY DAY. ONLY on CoinWeek!

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