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Long Beach Signature Auction Featuring Choice Collections of Rare US Coins

We are excited to welcome you to Heritage’s Official Long Beach Expo Signature auction, to be held June 4, 5, and 7. Strong results from our recent Central States Numismatic Society auction reveal incredible strength in the rare coin market despite recent challenges from COVID-19. The tally is in, and our CSNS offerings totaled more than $33 million, including more than $20 million for U.S. coins alone, with more than 6,000 unique bidders competing online.

Our U.S. coins lineup in this auction includes many significant rarities worthy of individual attention. Here are just a few highlights:

Other singular highlights and choice collector coins comprise the following Featured Collections.

The Warshaw Family Collection, Part II

Five historically and conditionally significant early American coins comprise Part II of the Warshaw Family Collection, representing the first years of coinage for each denomination with a focus on high grade and eye appeal. Each piece is sure to meet strong collector demand:

The Don Chapman Collection

Don Chapman was a programmer for NASA’s Apollo missions and received a gold medal from NASA that got him interested in coin collecting. While much of his work was private due to its level of importance, numismatics was a hobby that he could happily share with his family. He began collecting American gold coins and particularly sought out $20 Liberties. This offering of The Don Chapman Collection focuses on Philadelphia and San Francisco twenties, all in high grades for their respective issues with a strong emphasis on eye appeal.

However, the highlight of the collection is an 1871-CC double eagle, AU58 NGC, a Condition Census example of the second-rarest Carson City issue in the series. Choice selections from The Don Chapman Collection appear in both floor sessions as well as the online only Internet Session.

The Tree Leaf Collection

The Tree Leaf Collection is a diverse, high-quality selection of choice collector coins that spans multiple series and eras of U.S. coinage, with a focus on key-date gold issues.

Headlining our Premier session is a Condition Census 1933 Indian eagle, MS65 PCGS, Ex: Dallas Bank Collection and one of fewer than 40 pieces known to exist. A special Specimen striking of the 1907-D Liberty double eagle, SP65 NGC, from the branch mint proof die pair, is the finest of just three pieces known and has never before been offered at public auction. A high-end example of the coveted 1907 Wire Rim Indian eagle, MS65+ NGC is one of the finest examples we have seen in this grade. Other choice rarities and collector coins from The Tree Leaf Collection highlight both floor sessions as well as Heritage’s exclusive online only Internet Session.

Heritage makes it easy for you to place bids online from the comfort and safety of your own home through your personal computer, tablet, or phone, as well as by mail and fax. With a diverse selection of choice collector coins in three action-packed sessions, there are opportunities for you to advance your collection and special interests in any area of U.S. numismatics.

Bid on the coins in this auction right now at coins.HA.com.

Long Beach Auction Moves to Dallas

Heritage Auctions will hold its Official Auctions June 4-7 as scheduled in Dallas because the Long Beach Expo has been canceled. Heritage will not be open for Public Lot Viewing but is offering its virtual lot consultation to bidders, following its popularity for the CSNS auctions in April.

The Heritage staff of professional numismatists is now available to answer your questions about specific Long Beach lots via phone or email. Simply send your list to [email protected]. These experts are available to provide unbiased guidance. Most of them have previous experience working for NGC and/or PCGS and all have spent decades trading rare coins and currency.

“I suspect everyone in the hobby fully understands why the convention cancellation was mandated by the state of California,” said Jim Halperin, Co-founder of Heritage Auctions. “We support the decision for the safety of collectors and exhibitors, and feel fortunate to have the ability and resources to hold our official auctions as planned.”

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Heritage Auction Galleries is one of the world's largest collectibles auctioneers. Besides offering rare and valuable U.S. and world coins and currency, Heritage offers ancient coins, exonumia, antiques, comic books, sports memorabilia, and many other collectibles. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas.

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