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Matched 1901 Proof Set in NGC Black Holders at GreatCollections

Matched 1901 Proof Set in NGC Black Holders at GreatCollections. Image: GreatCollections.
NGC 1901 Proof Set. Image: GreatCollections.

As part of their July 23 auction, GreatCollections is offering a 1901 Proof Set in matching NGC Old Black Holders. Coming from the very early days of NGC–and even featuring consecutive cert numbers–this assemblage of Gem-quality coins is an unusual piece of numismatic history.

The 1901 Proof Set

In 1901, the United States Mint sold its annual Proof issues in a different way than is done today. Collectors had choices. They could buy minor Proofs – the cent and the nickel; silver Proofs – the dime through the dollar; and gold Proofs. In 1901, this meant the $2.50 quarter eagle, the $5 half eagle, the $10 eagle, and the $20 double eagle gold coin. The minor coinages were the most popular and the expensive gold coinage, out of reach financially for most Americans, were struck in limited numbers. All coins were available as singles or as part of sets.

The GreatCollections offering is comprised of a complete Silver Proof Set and a five-cent piece. The silver Barber Proofs were struck from new obverse hubs that strengthened details in Liberty’s hair and wreath. The changes are subtle, but worth noting.

NGC Old Black Core Holders

While grade and eye appeal will prove to be major indicators of this set’s final hammer, it is worth mentioning that the present offering of toning matched and (nearly) grade-matched coins in original NGC Old Black Core holders is noteworthy. The grading of this set occurred in 1987 as the company launched, and it even features consecutive cert numbers. Each has earned a CAC sticker–an acknowledgement that John Albanese, NGC’s co-founder, continues to support the company’s (and maybe even his own) original grading decision.

Black Core holders have traditionally brought premiums in the market place and we suspect that they will generate collector interest for this offering. After 60 bids to date, the high bid for this unusual collection is currently $100,000 USD.

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To search through GreatCollection’s archive of over 600,000 certified coins the company has sold over the past eight years, please visit the GreatCollections Auction Archives.

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