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Members of the Greater Houston Coin Club Take in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Houston Harvey Aftermath
This week, CoinWeek received two first-hand accounts from members of the Greater Houston Coin Club (GHCC), describing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. If you have the ability to help those affected by the storm, please consider a donation to the American Red Cross or a charity of your choosing.

* * *

Rick Ewing- Greater Houston Coin Club Treasurer

Right now we are standing by the food bank has announced that at 1:00 PM they will distribute two cases of bottled water. Here’s the situation right now.

Friday night Fran flew into Houston Intercontinental at midnight from California at that time she was one of the last flights into Houston.

We drove home, went to bed with the intention of going shopping for food in the morning she had been gone for two weeks. When we woke up the car was under water and the street was impassable.

In 41 years at this house we had never had water high like this.

The water subsided twice but not to the point of being passable. Water got to within five feet distance of the house and another six inches of depth we would have had water in the house.

We just watched and waited, friends and family all checked in to see how we were doing.

Now that the storm has passed we are an isolated city and county blocked from getting out

The interstate east and west are underwater, North on 69-96-286 are blocked at Hardin county line

Highway 90 parallels I-10 is also under water.

Grocery shelves are bare.

Now the pumping station that sends water to the processing plant is flooded and out of commission.

City has shut off the water to everyone with no short-term solution to restoring water to us. After four days we are nearly out of all supplies.

People out of the area say if you can get here you are welcome but we cannot get out.

We have some cold cuts, cheese and two doughnuts.

* * *

Jack Domurat – Greater Houston Coin Club President

I am writing to you from Atlanta, Georgia. I arrived here last Friday not knowing what was in store for Houston and it’s surrounding areas.

I remain here, since flights are not yet available into Houston. Upon arrival back to Houston, the issue will become which roads are passable.

I have been in touch with some, not all, members of the GHCC, and those I spoke to were safe. Some of their family members were forced to stay with them due to floodwaters or threat of levee or dam breaches. One member was seeking an alternate place to receive his needed dialysis since his usual office could not be reached by himself or staff.

I have a feeling many more stories like this are out there. I will probably get much more information at our next meeting.

The next club meeting is scheduled for September 21.

Right now, we meet in a room in a Houston Community College branch, which is closed until September 4. According to their website, the closure is for safety reasons and not damage or destruction. I anticipate our September meeting will run on schedule.

The area in and around where our annual Money Show was held has had some horrible flooding as seen in the pictures I’ve sent to you.

Personally, I live about 20 miles North of downtown. We were spared of flooding and destruction, although many neighboring communities and friends are flooded, and/or without electricity.

I would not be able to give you a more accurate description if I were sitting at home. Movement on the roads, although somewhat improving, is difficult to impossible in many areas.

I am tentatively scheduled to return on Saturday. I would be happy to forward updated news or incidents relating to GHCC members as I receive them.

Right now, the city of Houston needs prayers and support. The stories coming out of this disaster can be overwhelming emotional.

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