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Modern Banknotes, A Fascinating Part of Collecting Currency


By Matt Quinn, Assistant Director of Currency at Stacks Bowers…….

Most collectors are interested in securing banknotes produced prior to their births, but as time goes on more and more people develop a passion for modern bank notes. Several issues of currency produced no more than half a decade ago are already scarce and in some instances, rare. As with older notes, print runs and circulating periods are the principle factor in rarity. As variety collecting gains in popularity far more rarities are being identified within particular currencies.

Recent trends at auction confirm the desirability of these modern rarities, with high denomination notes from British Commonwealths being particularly popular. Bahamian currency of the 1992 series is particularly scarce in high grade when considering the $50 and $100 denominations, with Gem notes regularly fetching over $2,000. Certain modern South African French printed banknotes are also avidly collected with the large format sizes especially scarce in high grade.



A numismatic treasure we are offering in our Official World Currency Auction of the 2015 ANA’s World’s Fair of Money is a 500 Euro note found with a T prefix on the serial number. The T prefix designates Ireland as the issuing country. This high denomination bill was only issued for a short time, with just 150,000 notes produced. Finding Uncirculated examples of this note is an incredible challenge and in the Banknote Book, Volume 1 a price of $13,000 is shown. This is a lofty sum for such a recent bill but rarity always attracts high prices and supports value. The piece we are offering has been certified by PMG as a Superb Gem Uncirculated piece with a 67 EPQ grade.

Visit  StacksBowers.com for more detail on the upcoming ANA World’s Fair of Money auction. They are accepting consignments for future auctions, including World paper money for the November Baltimore, December Hong Kong and January NYINC auctions. Please feel free to contact Matt in discussing your consignment options at 800-458-4646.


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