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New World Coins at Atlas Numismatics Include Madagascar Dollar

By Atlas Numismatics ……

There are 595 new pieces for your consideration and browsing enjoyment. We hope that you may find something of interest for your collection and look forward to hearing from you if have any questions.

Atlas Numismatics remains actively interested in purchasing individual items and whole collections if you are considering selling your coins or medals. We would be happy to assist with shipping and insurance should your items merit further inspection. Please contact us if you have rare or exceptional ancient, world, or United States coins for sale; click the following links for more information on Appraisals and Selling to Atlas.

Please contact us with any offers or other inquiries by sending an email to [email protected].

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New Atlas Numismatics Inventory

These five items are just a sample of the recent additions to our inventory. We have added new material in the World (557), Ancient (31), and U.S. (7) categories.

Attractively Toned Larissa Drachm

1073132 | GREEK. THESSALY. Larissa. Struck 4th Century BCE. AR Drachm. NGC Ch. XF✭ (Choice Extremely Fine ✭) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5 Fine Style. 6.12gm. Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left with ampyx in her hair / ΛΑΡΙΣ / ΑΙΩΝ. Grazing horse to right. Herrmann cf. Table. V, 5; Lorber in SNR 79 Phase L-III; cf. BCD 316ff.

Ex-Münzen & Medaillen Fixed Price List 420, Basel 1980, Nr. 10.

Edward the Black Prince Pavillon d’Or

1073718 | FRANCE. Aquitaine. Edward the Black Prince. (Prince of Aquitaine, 1362-1372). (1362-72) ND-B AV Pavillon d’Or (Noble Guyennois a I’E). NGC MS64. Bordeaux mint. 4.81gm. ЄD : PO : GnS : RЄGI AnGL : PnCS : AQI. Duke holding sword and standing under a gothic canopy with two lions at his feet and two ostrich plumes to either side / + DnS : AIVTO : Z : PTЄCIO : mЄ : Z : IIPO : SPAVIT : B. Foliate cross in quatrefoil over a quadrangle, E at center with two leopards and two lis in the angles. Duplessy 1120A; Friedberg 5.

Ex. Fernand David Collection.

Very little information about Fernand David (1861-1927) has survived, however from the breadth and ambition of his collection, ranging from ancient coins, French and world coins, medals, tokens, and badges, it is clear that as a numismatist he was quite engaged in his efforts and had a discerning approach. The collection also has areas of keen focus, for example on its rare types of Roman aurei and dozens of pieces from Lorraine. His ability to indulge in so many areas was likely made possible for he was one of the owners of “A. David Frères“, an extremely prosperous factory that produced trimmings, lace, and embroidery. The company was awarded several international exhibition medals from Paris in 1889, Chicago in 1893, Amsterdam in 1895, Brussels in 1897, and at the Great Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris.

In his lifetime, Fernand David was anything but a secretive figure in the numismatic world. The “Guida Numismatica Universale” (Gnecchi brothers) mentioned his alongside the collections of Prince Napoleon and the Comte de Castellane. He was also an active member of the Société Française de Numismatique (SFN) and often shared his findings and research with the organization. Fellow collectors and numerical scholars equally respected him personally and his contributions to numismatics. The oeuvre of his collection shows his refinement for obtaining the finest examples displaying both beauty and rarity. The remaining pieces of his collection today show a reflection of his numismatic passion and prowess.

Beautiful Tsingtau Medal

Atlas Numismatics

1072144 | GERMANY – EMPIRE. Wilhelm II. (German Emperor, King of Prussia, 1888–1918). 1914 AR Medal. PCGS SP64. By A. Hummel. Edge: 990. 33.4mm. 15.09gm. Nude warrior holding a war flag and sword standing next to a fallen man lying on the ground / Six-line inscription within oak wreath. Zetzmann 4060.

Struck to commemorate the heroes of the Siege of Tsingtau.

Gem 1848 Essai 5 Francs

Atlas Numismatics

1070246 | FRANCE. 2nd Republic. (1848-1852). 1848 Tin Essai 5 Francs. PCGS SP65. By Rogat. Paris. Edge: Plain. 17.30gm. Laureate head, left / Value within wreath. KM Pn65; Mazard 1297c/R.

Colorful Madagascar Dollar

New World Coins at Atlas Numismatics Include Madagascar Dollar

1073623 | MADAGASCAR. Ranavalona III. (Queen, 1883-1897). 1895 AR Dollar. PCGS PR62. RANAVALO MANJUKA 3. Crowned, veiled portrait of the Queen /RAMODOMAMDRIANIMPOINIMERINA (rose) MADAGASCAR (horse). Crowned heart over the petals of the Royal Poinciana (national flower) with large “R” dividing date. Lecompte 37 argent.

Just 25 pieces minted.

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