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NGC Adds Four New World Coin Categories and Numerous World Coin Sets to NGC Registry


On Tuesday, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) announced the addition of four new world categories and forty new world coin sets to the NGC Registry.

The new categories will allow collectors to build NGC Registry sets of coins from the Congo, Indonesia, and the Seychelles Islands. In addition, NGC has created the following new world coins sets:

  • Australia – Commemorative: Silver Dollars, 2008-Date, Mint State
  • Burma: 1852-1878, Type Set, Circulation Issue
  • Cambodia & Kampuchea: Type Set, 1979-1990, Circulation Issue
  • Cambodia & Kampuchea: Type Set, 1990-1993, Circulation Issue
  • Cambodia & Kampuchea: Type Set, 1993-Date, Circulation Issue
  • China – Commemorative : Silver 10 Yuan, 2001 – Date, Proof
  • Congo Democratic Republic: Silver 30 Francs, 2011-Date, Complete
  • Congo Republic: Silver Issues, 2001-Date, Complete
  • Cook Islands: Silver $10, 1990-Date, Proof
  • Dominican Republic: 10 Pesos, 2005-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Dominican Republic: 25 Pesos, 2005-Date, Circulation Issue
  • France – 1870-Date: Silver 5 Euros Type Set, 2008-Date, Mint State & Proof
  • France – 1870-Date: Silver 10 Euros, 2009-Date, Proof
  • France – 1870-Date: Silver 100 Euros, 2010-Date, Mint State
  • India – British Colony: 1/4 Anna, 1835-1858, Circulation Issue
  • Indonesia: Type Set, No Gold, 1952-Date, Proof
  • Indonesia: Gold Type Set, 1970-Date, Proof
  • Laos: Silver 1000 Kip Type Set, 1996-Date, Proof
  • Laos: Silver 5000 Kip Type Set, 1998-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $1, 2007-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $5, 2000-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $8, 2014-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $100, 2015-Date, Proof
  • Portugal: John V, Type Set, 1712-1750, Circulation Issue
  • Portugal: Jose I, Type Set, 1751-1777, Circulation Issue
  • Portugal: Maria and Pedro III, 1777-1786, Circulation Issue
  • Russia: Type Set, Alexander III, Silver Issues, 1882-1894
  • Rwanda and Burundi: Silver 5000 Francs, 2014-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • Seychelles: British Colony Type Set, 1939-1975, Complete
  • Spain: Isabel ll, Type Set, 1834-1848, DeVellon Coinage, Circulation Issue
  • Thailand: 20 Baht, Type Set, 1963 – Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 50 Baht Type Set, 1971 – Date, Complete
  • Thailand: 100 Baht, 1974 – Date, Proof
  • Thailand: Silver 150 Baht, Type Set, 1975 – Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 200 Baht, Type Set, 1979 – Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 300B, Type Set, 1979 – Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 600 Baht Type Set, 1980 – Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 800 Baht, 2003 – Date, Proof
  • Thailand: Gold Type Set, 1968-Date, Complete
  • Venezuela: Royalist Coinage, Type Set, 1817-1821, Circulation Issue

If you are a collector or registry set participant and would like to suggest new sets for the program, you can email your requests to [email protected].

Numismatic Guaranty Company
Numismatic Guaranty Companyhttps://www.ngccoin.com/
NGC was founded in 1987 and has become one of the largest third-party grading services. Their parent company is the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG).

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