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NGC Celebrates First ‘W’ Mint Mark Quarters With Special New Labels

A special NGC attribution and label are among the ways coin collectors can recognize these historic US Mint releases. Special submission instructions must be followed; see the “Submission Instructions” section of this article.

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The US Mint has announced that limited mintage 2019-W quarters are being released directly into circulation starting in April 2019. These are the first quarters to feature the ‘W’ mint mark of the West Point Mint, and have a total mintage of just two million per design.

NGC now offering special new labels for 2019-W America the Beautiful quarters

2019-W quarters will be made for Massachusetts (Lowell National Historical Park), Northern Mariana Islands (American Memorial Park), Guam (War in the Pacific National Historical Park), Texas (San Antonio Missions National Historical Park) and Idaho (French Church River of No Return Wilderness). NGC is celebrating them with a special attribution of First “W” Mint Mark Quarters, as well as NGC’s West Point Mint Gold Star Label, both of which are provided for no additional fee. (Scroll below to see detailed submission instructions.)

The America the Beautiful Quarters program began in 2010, celebrating one national park or other federal landmark in each state or US territory. Five designs are released each year, with a ‘P’ mint mark (if struck in Philadelphia), a ‘D’ mint mark (if struck in Denver) or an ‘S’ mint mark (if struck in San Francisco).

NGC now offering special new labels for 2019-W America the Beautiful quarters

Today, the US Mint branch in West Point, New York, is best known for minting commemorative and bullion coins in precious metals including silver, gold, platinum and palladium. However, before it was elevated to a branch mint in 1988, the West Point facility at times produced cents and quarters with no mint mark. They are indistinguishable from the Philadelphia issues.

The US Mint is striking a total of 10 million 2019-W quarters and is mixing them in with bulk bags of quarters at the mints in Philadelphia and Denver. What are the odds of finding one in circulation? In 2018, more than 1.8 billion America the Beautiful quarters were minted. If mintages are similar this year, then odds are that about 1 in every 180 quarters in circulation with a 2019 date will have the W mint mark. Of course, as coin collectors remove them from circulation, they will be harder to find in pocket change.

The 2019-W Quarters follow the well-received release just a few weeks earlier of the first cent to feature the ‘W’ mint mark.

The deadlines for NGC’s popular Early Releases and First Releases designations will be announced soon. Learn more about Early Releases and First Releases here.

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit the 2019-W Quarter under the Modern grading tier or higher. The default label will be the West Point Mint Gold Star #391 label.
  • For no additional fee, enter America’s National Treasures Flag #9 on your submission form to request the label that NGC typically uses with non-bulk submissions of these coins.
  • For no additional fee, enter Standard Brown Label #377 on your submission form to request this label.
  • If the Early Releases or First Releases designation is desired (+$10), select Early Releases or First Releases on your submission form. If you would like the Blue Early Releases label, request Blue Early Releases Label #378.
  • If you would like the Blue First Releases label, request Blue First Releases Label #379.
  • To qualify for Early Releases or First Releases, coins must be received by NGC or an NGC-approved Depository before the Early Releases/First Releases cutoff date.

Questions? Contact NGC Customer Service at [email protected] or 1-800-NGC-COIN (1-800-642-2646).

Contact Scott Heller at (941) 360-3990 or [email protected], or Miles Standish at [email protected] or (949) 922-0515 for bulk submissions. Special labels are available for bulk submitters for each America the Beautiful quarter design.

Collectors Society paid members can submit their coins directly to NGC. Not an NGC Collectors Society member? Paid memberships start at just $25/year – join today.

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NGC was founded in 1987 and has become one of the largest third-party grading services. Their parent company is the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG).

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  1. I have a double headed quarter 1936. It was my fathers and when he pasted away . All his stuff was given to me by my mother .. I would like to see if it is real .. My dad said it was .. I took it to a coin shop they said they couldnt see any seems anywhere ..

    • Sorry, it is highly unlikely as when coins are made the blanks are struck at the same time on each side with different obverse and reverse dies. Even flipping one over for reminting would do all kinds of damage to the surface that was first struck. I found a cent like that in change once, quite a surprise and I am glad to have it but I’m sure it is not a real Mint product. So you have a novelty item, presumably of 90% silver, though it could be a cast made from cheaper material. I would keep it as a memento. Do not polish it as that will destroy the appearance of the surface. Wish I had better news for you.

    • I have one as well That I purchased from a gift shop same year 1936 no seams, I think they struck it two sided from the start. The coin shop didn’t tell you it was fake?

  2. Since these are only released for circulation top pop coins should only ever be AU… interesting to see if NGC stays honest. Judging by the mock up in the article my confidence is low…


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