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Mike Byers Mint Error News – Certifies Mexico 60 Peso Error Coin Struck on U.S. $10 Liberty

1916 Mexico 60 Pesos Error Coin

This incredible Mexico 1916 Oaxaca 60 Pesos Gold Error Coin was struck on a U.S. $10 Liberty.

The 1916 Gold 60 Peso was struck in Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is one of the southern states in Mexico. The coins bear the portrait of Benito Juarez. These coins were struck by a Provisional Government during the revolution. The original dies for the 1916 60 Peso were impounded at the American Numismatic Society (ANS) almost a century ago.

Here is a comparison with a regular Gold 60 Pesos and $10 Liberty:

The specifications for the 1916 Oaxaca Gold 60 Pesos are:

  • Composition: Gold
  • Fineness: 0.8590
  • Weight: 50.0000g
  • AGW: 1.3808735351327oz

The specifications for the U.S. $10 Liberty are:

  • Composition: Gold
  • Fineness: 0.9000
  • Weight: 16.7200g
  • AGW: 0.4837oz

The Smithsonian Institution recently preserved a collection through NGC encapsulation that included a Mexico 1916 Oaxaca Gold 60 Peso. They describe it as being “one of a handful of survivors from an original mintage of 21 pieces.”

Mexico 60 Pesos Error Coin

Krause lists the 1916 60 Pesos as rare, with a value of $20,000 USD in XF40 and $35,000 in MS60. A gem specimen sold in an ANR auction (Eliasberg) for $74,750.

This spectacular gold error coin is in almost uncirculated condition with original and attractive toning. There is a considerable amount of detail remaining from the understrike. On the obverse the denticles and some detail are visible from the $10 Liberty design.

Mexico 60 Pesos Error Coin showing $10 US Liberty reverse understrike

On the reverse the shield and some detail are visible as well.

The complete reeding from the $10 Liberty is intact. This fascinating and dramatic numismatic rarity will eventually be the centerpiece of a major world gold coin collection or a collection of U.S. $10 gold coins.

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Mike Byers
Mike Byershttps://minterrornews.com/
Mike Byers is the Owner, Publisher and Editor of Mint Error News Magazine and the Mint Error News website that was founded in 2003. In 2009, Mike Byers published his first book, World's Greatest Mint Errors, which received the NLG Award for Best World Coin Book.

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