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NGC Grades Special Release 2015 U.S. Marshals Service Commemorative Coins

NGC offers collectors a first look at three of 2015’s U.S. Commemorative coins…

usmarshalsNumismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) has graded two sets of 2015 US Marshals Service 225th Anniversary commemorative coins released for a celebration ceremony on September 24, 2014. This is believed to be the first time the US Mint has issued coins during a year prior to the date on the coins.

On September 24, 1789, President George Washington appointed the first 13 agents to the US Marshals Service, the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency. To mark the US Marshals Service’s 225th anniversary on September 24, Richard A. Peterson, the Deputy Director of the US Mint, distributed 35 three-coin sets to employees of the Service. The three-coin sets included a Proof 2015- S US Marshals Service Clad Half Dollar, a Proof 2015-P US Marshals Service Silver Dollar, and a Proof 2015-W US Marshals Service Gold Five Dollar.

The limited special release of the 2015 US Marshals Service 225th Anniversary coins this year was allowed under the Act of Congress, signed into law on April 2, 2012, that authorizes these commemorative coins. The Act stipulates: “The Secretary may issue coins, to the public, minted under this Act beginning on or after January 1, 2015, except for a limited number to be issued prior to such date to the Director of the United States Marshals Service and employees of the Service for display and presentation during the 225th Anniversary celebration.”

NGC received the three-coin sets from Chief Inspector Scott Sanders and Senior Inspector Oscar Blythe of the US Marshals Service. Both coin collectors, Sanders and Blythe first had the idea for a US Marshals commemorative coin in 2007 and worked closely with Congressional aides, the US Mint, the US Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and others to make these coins a reality.

Sanders and Blythe, who were required to first purchase the coins from the US Mint, received the three-coin sets at the groundbreaking ceremony for the US Marshals Museum on September 24 along with a hand-written note from US Mint Deputy Director Peterson. NGC has given the coins the pedigree “September 24, 2014 Celebration Ceremony” in recognition of their special limited-edition release.

“The US Mint’s release of 2015-dated coins in 2014 is a particularly significant event for numismatists,” says Richard S. Montgomery, president of NGC. “It is an honor to have received these important coins directly from Sanders and Blythe, the two people who first had the idea for a US Marshals commemorative coin.”

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NGC was founded in 1987 and has become one of the largest third-party grading services. Their parent company is the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG).

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