Numismatic Book Dealer John Burns Remembered. VIDEO: 9:06

john_burnsInterviewer: David Lisot, with Allen Berman, Charles Davis, Wayne Homren, John Kraljevich, & Del Parker.

Numismatics lost a good friend and soul with the untimely passing of numismatic book dealer John Burns.

John had been in the trade for decades and could be found at many conventions with his inventory of modern and antique books about coin collecting. Hear his memory shared by some of the many people who knew him and considered him special.


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Bermanian Numismatic Tribute to John Burns. VIDEO: 4:57

King Alanus I of Bermania (Allen G. Berman), Bermanian Guild of Numismatists……..

One of the little known numismatic societies gave recognition to one of its members who recently passed away. John Burns was the book dealer known by many and friend to all who died while at a coin convention in Florida. Hear his tribute and find out how he attained his role in Bermanian society as that of Royal Executioner.


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  1. John will be truly missed. I bought many books from him over
    the years. Mr. Kraljevich stated that John was disappointed about
    the disparity between knowledge and success; John Burns would
    have been wealthy beyond belief. I think John would have enjoyed
    the background music (Gregorian Chants)!! Rest in Peace.


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