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Oldest Coin in the World Acquired by Texas Collector


The oldest coin in the world was just sold by a rare coin company in Austin to a private collector. Estimated to be one of only 12 known in the world today, the coin was struck 2,650 years ago in Ionia, or modern-day Turkey

By Austin Rare Coins and Bullion …..
Austin Rare Coins and Bullion announced today that they have just completed the sale of the first coin ever struck in human history. Referred to as an Ionian “Striated” Stater, it is estimated that only 12 exist in the world today.

An Ionian Striated Stater, one of the first coins ever made. Image courtesy Austin Rare CoinsMinted nearly three thousand years ago in modern-day Turkey, the coin is made from electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver that was found in streams and riverbeds. The striated lines on the front of the coin are believed to represent flowing water, which is where electrum was found.

“This remarkable coin represents the beginning of money and commerce as we know it today,” said Ryan Denby, President of Austin Rare Coins. “After nearly four years of patiently waiting, we were finally able to acquire this coin on behalf of our clients and they couldn’t be more excited with the outcome.”

The coin was assigned the grade of About Uncirculated condition with a star for outstanding eye appeal. “Our clients were thrilled with the exceptional look of the coin and the remarkably high grade,” said Denby.

Ionian Staters were struck in different sizes, each representing different values of money. There are six primary sizes, ranging from a Full Stater down to a tiny 1/24th stater. All are extremely rare, though the larger sizes are the most infrequently encountered.

In the case of the Full Stater, only 12 are estimated to exist, making complete sets almost impossible to assemble.

“With the help of Capstone Acquisitions we were able to help our clients complete the entire set of Ionian Striated Staters, and we believe them to be only one of three collectors in the world to accomplish this awesome feat,” Denby stated.

About Austin Rare Coins

Austin Rare Coins, Inc. was founded in 1989 to serve collectors and investors. Our staff is dedicated to providing our clients with professional advice and high quality certified U.S. and foreign coins, silver dollars, and gold bullion coins at low prices. Austin Rare Coins & Bullion is a proud member of the Numismatic Guaranty Corp (NGC), the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). In addition, its principals are members of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), the Canadian Numismatic Association (CNA) and the Texas Numismatic Association (TNA). Austin Rare Coins, Inc. has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

For more information call 800-928-6468 or visit us on the Web at www.austincoins.com.

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