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PCGS New World Coin Variety Report September 2021

By Jay Turner for PCGS ……
With the positive response to the previous report in August 2021, we will continue the series! This month we have included pieces from across the globe, including the United States, China, Hong Kong, and Bulgaria.

1851-O/O $5, PCGS VF30. Images courtesy PCGS

1851-O/O $5, PCGS VF30

The first entry we’ll cover here is a known variety from the United States that was recently added to the catalog of varieties published by PCGS. The coin is an 1851-O half eagle, but what makes this gold coin special is it features a significant repunched mint mark (RPM). Identified by Doug Winter as Variety 3, this coin shows a strong RPM south of the main New Orleans mint mark. While this coin will be labeled as 1851-O/O, it also features a significant repunched first “1” on the date, with the 1 being punched into the Liberty bust design before being corrected. This makes for a scarce variety on an already scarce coin. With a mintage of only 41,000 and fewer survivors today, this is one challenging piece.

China Anhwei (1902-06) 10 Cash Y-36.1 DDO, PCGS VF35. Images courtesy PCGS

China Anhwei (1902-06) 10 Cash Y-36.1 DDO, PCGS VF35

The next feature is a strong doubled die from China. This coin is from the Anhwei province and is a 10 cash minted between 1902 and 1906 with the generic variety listed by Krause as Y-36.1. This coin features a strong doubled die on the dragon and English side. Strong doubling can be observed on the “HWEI” of “AN-HWEI,” the dragon, dots, and rosettes. As the demand for Chinese varieties grows, this may prove to be a significantly desirable piece down the road.

Hong Kong 1866 10 Cents 11 Pearls DDO, PCGS Cleaned UNC Details. Images courtesy PCGS

Hong Kong 1866 10 Cents 11 Pearls DDO, PCGS Cleaned UNC Details

While there are many known die varieties from British Hong Kong, a newly identified piece has recently been noticed and recognized. The coin is a Hong Kong 1866 10 cents and it features a strong doubled die obverse. There is significant doubling on the lettering and Queen Victoria’s crown.

Bulgaria 1960 Lev DDO, PCGS MS64. Images courtesy PCGS

Bulgaria 1960 Lev DDO, PCGS MS64

Lastly for this month, we feature a coin from Bulgaria that has a very strong doubled die obverse. The coin, a Bulgaria 1960 Lev, shows significant doubling on the lion in the center of the coin. The lion in the arms features doubled claws, two tongues, two tails, and doubling on the mane. This very cool variety was submitted to PCGS through its Paris office and will now be recognized going forward.

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