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Precious Metals – The Benefits of Silver Bullion Rounds

By Bullion Shark, LLC ………
Silver Stackers’ heads are spinning as the price of silver bullion is finally experiencing some positive movement after a tough few years.

roundsThis has a lot to do with the current state of the stock market and the high gold-to-silver ratio. Consumers are buying silver bullion hand over fist as seen with the recent numbers released from the United States Mint. American Silver Eagles are a hot commodity right now, and no pun is intended there.

However, is there a better alternative? Is there a way I can get more of my money into silver bullion while prices are so low? If so, what are my options?

The answer to those questions is quite simple.

A purchase of generic silver rounds and bars is the best avenue to get the most silver bullion for your buck. Government-issued silver, such as Silver Eagles, carry the highest premiums of all silver bullion items. When investors and collectors buy generic silver bars and rounds they can save big on premiums over the spot price of silver.

Nevertheless, some people feel that extra dollar or so they save per ounce is not worth the “downgrade.”

First off, there really is no downgrade. As long as one purchases .999 or better silver from an ISO-approved mint, they will receive product that is held to the same standards as coins such as the American Silver Eagle. Secondly, that $1 or so of savings per ounce comes out to a 6% or greater saving. This gives silver investors the opportunity to get much more silver for the same price.

And silver rounds are definitely more popular than large bars as they are easily divisible and do not require a purchase of at least 10 or even 100 ounces in a single purchase.

The designs of silver rounds are absolutely stunning nowadays. The most popular silver round at the moment is probably the 1 oz Buffalo Silver Round. This features a modern rendering of James E. Fraser’s famous “Buffalo Nickel” design.

The savings on these silver bullion rounds are even bigger when you buy in quantity.

Another popular silver round is the 1 oz Morgan Dollar Round. This features the design of arguably the most popular coin in American history, minted from 1878-1921.

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Silver bullion rounds offer the investor a great way to save on premiums and choose from various different designs at the same time. Many silver bullion rounds are also IRA approved, which makes them as functional as government issued silver. Silver rounds are quite beneficial to a precious metals and rare coin portfolio and even allow investors to collect the different designs at the same time!

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