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PriceCharting – Major Collectible Pricing Site Adds Free US Coins Price Guide

Individual coin price page

PriceCharting is one of the web’s most popular price guides for many collectibles and has recently launched a robust and free US Coins price guide. The site aggregates coin sales data across large web marketplaces (eBay and Heritage among others), and provides unbiased pricing analytics as well as Collection management tools at no cost to collectors.

PriceCharting’s different price guides

With nearly one million site unique users each week, PriceCharting has been online for nearly a decade, having made its name in retro video games and since expanded its pricing algorithm to sports cards, trading cards, and comics. With this expansion into US coins, Collectors can log all of their different collectibles into a single Collection and understand how values change over time in their personal Collection Dashboard.

Completed sale links

The US Coin guide includes all major strike types and variations, and each coin’s individual price page provides links to previous sales. In addition users can view historical price trends and comparative trends with other coins or even categories of collectibles.

eBay custom Deal Alerts

Set completion widget

Set collectors will be happy to know that PriceCharting allows users to see how far along they are on particular “sets” of coins, and they’re also able to add missing coins to a Wishlist that will send notifications when a particular coin appears on a public marketplace. Users can add custom notification criteria as well, for example if they want to find an 1878 Morgan dollar for 20% below market price.

Collection profit tracking

In the Dashboard collectors can view analytics about the content and value of their collection over time. They can even view the historical profitability of their holdings. The more meticulous collectors can also sort items into particular folders with custom names. Popular example include “coins to sell,” “coins to upgrade,” and “toned coins.”

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