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Reserve Bank of New Zealand Admits Error Concerning Tukutuku Panel on New $10 Note

New Zealand 2015 Series 7 $10 bank note feat. Kate Sheppard

By Reserve Bank of New Zealand….
For a brief explanation of the controversy, check out CoinWeek’s profile of the New Zealand 2015 Series 7 $10 Bank Note.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust and Te Hau ki Turanga Trust are working together to cast light on the history of the tukutuku panel represented on New Zealand’s $10 banknote.

Governor Graeme Wheeler said that the Bank was aware that the tukutuku panel is a generic East Coast design reflecting the Milky Way.

“Recently we met with the Chair of Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust and Trustees of Te Hau ki Turanga Trust and they drew our attention to the fact that while the tukutuku panel currently resides at the historic Te Hau ki Turanga meeting house at Te Papa Tongarewa, it is not of, or from, the meeting house. With the support of the Te Hau ki Turanga Trust, the guardians of the meeting house, we hope to discover more of the history of the panel and its weavers.”

Mr. George Ria, Chair of Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust, acknowledged the apology of the Governor and the Reserve Bank for the incorrect attribution of the tukutuku panel on the Bank’s website. “It enables us to move forward in the right way to celebrate Maori culture on the notes. New Zealand’s banknotes convey our history and heritage. We welcome the opportunity to support and work with the Reserve Bank where we can,” said Mr Ria.

Mr. Wheeler said the Bank is also looking to enhance its displays in the Bank’s Museum and Education Centre.

The Reserve Bank and Rongowhakaata Iwi look forward to next year’s release of the new $20 note that features another tukutuku panel that resides in Te Hau ki Turanga meeting house.

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