We were going to do a Market Report on how we did last week, the market, and the usual stuff, but we have just learned some very sad news. Our good customer and friend Mark Petty was found dead in his NYC apartment yesterday. Mark was only 21. It is believed to be from natural causes. We are stunned and greatly saddened.

Mark was a not your typical collector. His love for coins was only topped by his love for his family-especially his partner his dad. They were the father/son team we wrote about so much. They were a true class act and real inspiration-even to us. Mark was really special and had an incredible future either in coins or working at his dads engineering company. He never said anything bad about anyone, always was postive, and he was just a great kid. His enthusiasm really did make an impression on others.

Mark and his dad assembled one of the great MS Seated Dollar sets-ever. They proudly displayed it at a Chicago CSNS Show. Both Mark and his dad sat with the set to proudly answer any questions. The display was beautifully prepared and they were excited. Coin collecting wasn’t about being on registry to them. They both shared a deep love for the hobby and were definately willing to help others. No question was too irrelevant to ask Mark. Coins were such a huge part of his life. He always had a beaming smile when we saw him.

When he had the free time we would always see him as the “common sense” poster (Speety) on the PCGS chatroom. For a youngster, Mark was so much wiser than his age. He would email about baseball, studying for his exams, and lately fishing as Mark was spending some time in Florida relaxing. When he passed he was in NYC finishing up his summer internship at Stacks. A dream job for him.

Legend Numismatics sends our deepest condolences and thoughts to his family, especially his wonderful and devoted dad Stephen. The numismatic community has lost a young superstar. We will miss him. We are honored to have been able to know Mark and work with him.

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