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Rudman Collection of Mexican Coins, Part I to be Sold by Heritage Auctions


Part I of the Rudman Collection of Mexican Coins–including all milled gold issues of Colonial Mexico from 1732-1823–at Heritage’s Official ANA Convention Auction, Aug. 10-14, 2015, in Chicago

Ferdinand VI gold 8 Escudos 1747

Heritage Auctions has announced that it will present The Isaac Rudman Collection of Mexican Coins, Part I–one of the finest groupings of colonial Mexican coins ever assembled–in a series of auctions, with Part I of the collection to be offered this fall on August 13 as part of Heritage’s World and Ancient Coins auction at the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Convention in Chicago.

“Isaac is one of the greatest collectors of Latino/Caribbean coins, artifacts, documents, currency and fine art to ever live,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Vice President of Heritage Auctions. “His eye for quality and beauty is absolutely second to none and we expect collectors will be equally as thrilled as we at Heritage are that he’s decided to make his collection available. So many of Isaac’s collecting achievements will basically never be repeated again.”

The Mexico City Mint represents the most historically important minting facility in the Americas, having existed for nearly five centuries since operations commenced in 1536. Under Spanish dominance, it was always the pioneer among its peers, as was fitting to the mint of the Viceroyalty of New Spain.

“At the ANA Heritage will offer, in an exclusive catalog, all of Rudman’s milled, or “bust,” gold issues, which span roughly 100 years starting in 1732,” said Bierrenbach. “It’s basically a complete date run of all denominations, from ½ to 8 Escudos of great Mexican coinage, including varieties.”

Taken in total, Rudman’s collection of Mexican coins is a relatively small part of his collection, but his incredible grouping of about 1,000 coins carries an incredible value in excess of $10 million. The collection includes all Mexican colonial issues, including Cobs, Bust and Royal coinage in silver and gold.

“I’ve had the great pleasure over the last 40 years of assembling this Mexican collection,” said Rudman. “I believe I was able to put together an exceptional group of coins, perhaps the most complete – certainly highest quality – of any collection of colonial Mexico. Now it’s time for my coins to move on to new collectors, who I’m certain will appreciate their beauty and historical value, and who will get the same enjoyment out of them that I have over the last four decades. In presenting the coins to fellow collectors, choosing Heritage was the natural step. No one has the collector reach, bidding platform and capabilities of Heritage Auctions.”

Further highlights of the collection include:

  • A full set of the issues of the first, and very rare, 1732 date, including both varieties of the doubloon (8 Escudos) and a superb Mint State 1 Escudo;
  • A complete set of the “Cara de Perro” 1747 issues, all in outstanding condition and of unmatched overall quality;
  • An incredible array of the extremely rare “Rat Nose” 4 Escudos, which represents 85% of the current population of the type certified by NGC, including two specimens tied as the finest certified for the entire type in AU55 preservation;
  • An unprecedented offering of the extremely rare minor Charles IV transitional issues of 1789-1790 showing the previous bust of Charles III;
  • Truly outstanding type representatives of all denominations in the series, including two Choice Mint State Philip V doubloons and a Mint State example of the very rare 1770 Rat Nose doubloon.

“In addition, in what may be the icing on this amazing cake, the Rudman collection contains a full set of all confirmed issues of the War of Independence provisional Guadalajara Mint,” said Bierrenbach, “including the Norweb example of the legendary 1812 4 Escudos. The latter represents only the 2nd public offering of the type in over 70 years.”

While Heritage has not yet named the specific venues, additional parts of the collection will be presented throughout 2016.

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