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Sharp Elizabeth I Half Pound Gold Coin at Atlas Numismatics

Atlas Numismatics presents 837 new coins and medals for your consideration and browsing enjoyment, including a sharply struck gold Elizabeth I Half Pound. We hope you’ll find something of interest in our current selection and we look forward to hearing from you if have any questions.

Please contact us with any offers or other inquiries by sending an email to [email protected].

New Inventory at Atlas Numismatics

These five items are among the highlights of those 837 numismatic items. We have added new material in the World (769), Ancient (24) and U.S. (44) categories.

Popular Agathocles Tetradrachm

GREEK. SICILY. Syracuse. Agathocles (Agathokles). (Tyrant, 317-289 BCE). Struck 305-295 BCE. AR Tetradrachm.
Image: Atlas Numismatics.

1077646 | GREEK. SICILY. Syracuse. Agathocles (Agathokles). (Tyrant, 317-289 BCE). Struck 305-295 BCE. AR Tetradrachm. NGC AU (About Uncirculated) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5 Fine Style. 16.84gm. Wreathed head of Arethusa facing left with three dolphins around, monogram below truncation / Charioteer holding kentron and reins driving a fast quadriga left, triskeles above, ethnic and monogram in exergue. Ierardi 46.

Ex Lefèvre/Parsy, Paris 13 (December 2005) Lot 9.

Salvator Mundi Medal of 24 Ducats

Salvator Mundi Medal of 24 Ducats. Image: Atlas Numismatics.
Image: Atlas Numismatics.

1077323 | AUSTRIA. Vienna. (Post-1843) AV Medallic 24 Ducats. PCGS Genuine – UNC Details. Edge damaged. By Konrad Lange. Edge: (A). 42mm. 83.73gm. SALVATOR MVNDI. Nimbate half-length bust of Christ, left; signed K.L. below truncation / SVB VMBRA ALARVM TVARVM. City view of Vienna, small crowned double-headed eagle above, MVNVS REIPVBLICAE VIENNENSIS on cartouche below flanked by Arms. Unger 23; cf. Forrer 298.

Very rare in this large format; a highly attractive piece with one unobtrusive edge bump at 7 o’clock on the obverse which is the described “edge damage”.

Exceptional Proof 1850-A 20 Francs

1850A France 20 Francs Gold Coin. Image: Atlas Numismatics.
Image: Atlas Numismatics.

1076867 | FRANCE. 2nd Republic. (1848-1852). 1850-A (hand) and (lamp) AV 20 Francs. NGC PR68 Cameo. By L. Merley. Paris. REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE. Liberty head with oak leaf wreath, right / LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE. Denomination within wreath. KM 762; Friedberg 566; Gadoury 1059; F.-529.

Elegant Elizabeth I Half Pound

Elegant Elizabeth I Half Pound. Image: Atlas Numismatics.
Image: Atlas Numismatics.

1077165 | GREAT BRITAIN. England. Elizabeth I. (Queen, 1558-1603). (1592-95)-(tun) AV Half Pound. NGC AU55. By Charles Anthony. Tower Mint, London. 5.62gm. ELIZAB.’ D.’ G.’ ANG.’ FRA.’ ET. HIB.’ REGIN.’. Larger crowned and decorated bust left, wearing elaborate bodice / SCVTVM • FIDEI • PROTEGE • EAM •. Crowned shield of arms divides E – R to either side. SCBC 2535A; North 2009; Brown & Comber [1989], G23; Ryan 329; Raynes 152; Lockett 1989 same dies; Hird I, 51; Spink 6, 10-11 October 1979, lot 593* same dies; King 52 same dies; Schneider I, 809 same obverse die.

Sharply struck and attractively toned.

Ex Dr Paul Broughton, Spink 235, (22 March 2016), Lot 443; Seaby Coin & Medal Bulletin February 1975, G79* – “extremely fine”; Spink-Glendining, 27-28 November 1974, lot 567 – “extremely fine and scarce”. Includes old auction ticket.

Morbiducci Pattern Penny

1927 Irish 1 Pingin pattern. Image: Atlas Numismatics.
Image: Atlas Numismatics.

1078211 | IRELAND REPUBLIC. Irish Free State. (1922-1937). 1927 Copper Pattern or Prova Penny. NGC PR64. By P. Morbiducci. Edge: Plain. 10.31gm. SAORSTAT EIREANN. Irish harp, PROVA to right / PINGIN. Hen and chickens, left; denomination above. KM Pattern 3 (variant).

Patterns entered by the Roman sculptor Publio Morbiducci (1889-1963) for the competition to design Ireland’s new money in 1928, in which he was ultimately unsuccessful were struck by the Milanese medallists Lorioli Castelli (now Lorioli Fratelli). Trecise numbers of pieces which exist are uncertain, although the best previously published estimates were by Brady in 1976, who thought that three pieces existed in bronze (his numbers 41-3).

Appraisal and Buying

Atlas Numismatics is actively buying individual items like the Elizabeth I Half Pound and other world coin highlights seen above, as well as whole collections. Please contact us if you have rare or exceptional ancient, United States, or world coins for sale; click here for more information.

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