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Stack’s Bowers Oct. 2023 Hong Kong Sale Realizes $21 Million+

Stack's Bowers and Ponterio October 2023 Hong Kong Coin Auctions Results.
Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio October 2023 Hong Kong Coin Auctions Results.

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio announce the results of their October 2023 Hong Kong coin, currency, and stamp auction. The sale featured more than 7,500 lots of coins and medals and 2,800 lots of paper money, which altogether realized $21.34 million USD. It is the sixth consecutive Stack’s Bowers Ponterio Hong Kong auction to surpass $20 million (all prices include buyer’s premium).

Chinese Pattern coins led Rarities Night, with a rare pedigreed “Dragon and Phoenix” Gold Dollar Pattern taking the lead at $600,000, a record for the type. A Shantung Gold 10 Dollars Pattern and “Reversed Dragon” Pattern Dollar followed closely, achieving $444,000 and $432,000 respectively.

Other areas of Asia saw strength as well, with a Hong Kong 1941-H 5 Cents and a Choice Mint State Korean 5 Yang each realizing $55,200.

From Europe, an 1847 “Gothic” Crown in Deep Cameo, saw a final price of $45,600, while an Unc Details Platinum 12 Rubles brought $33,600.

Other World Coin Highlights:

  • Lot 30162: CHINA. Duo of Dollars (2 Pieces), Years 34 & 3 (1908 & 1911). Tientsin Mint. Kuang-hsu (Guangxu) & Hsuan-t’ung (Xuantong [Puyi]). Both PCGS Certified. Sold for $528,000.
  • Lot 30112: CHINA. Kweichow. “Bamboo” Dollar, Year 38 (1949). NGC EF-45. Sold for $318,000.
  • Lot 30114: CHINA. Manchurian Provinces. Silver Dollar Pattern, Year 18 (1929). PCGS AU-53. Sold for $240,000.
  • Lot 30223: CHINA. Silver Dollar Pattern, Year 12 (1923). Tientsin Mint. PCGS MS-65+. Sold for $228,000.
  • Lot 30147: CHINA. Gold K’uping Tael Pattern, CD (1906). Tientsin Mint. Kuang-hsu (Guangxu). NGC MS-61. Sold for $192,000.
  • Lot 30110: CHINA. Kweichow. Auto Dollar (7 Mace 2 Candareens), Year 17 (1928). PCGS EF-45. Sold for $132,000.
  • Lot 30238: CHINA. Copper-Zinc 20 Cash Pattern, Year 13 (1924). Kalgan Mint. PCGS SPECIMEN-64. Sold for $78,000.
  • Lot 30256: CHINA. Chekiang. Fantasy Silver 7 Mace 2 Candareens (Dollar), ND (ca. early 20th Century). Imitating Birmingham (Heaton) Mint. Kuang-hsu (Guangxu). NGC MS-62. Sold for $38,400.
  • Lot 30016: CHINA. Chihli (Pei Yang). 7.2 Candareens (10 Cents), Year 22 (1896). Tientsin (East Arsenal) Mint. Kuang-hsu (Guangxu). NGC MS-63. Sold for $19,200.
  • Lot 32025: CHINA. Taiwan. 7.2 Candareens (10 Cents), ND (1893-94). Uncertain Mint, likely near Foochow. Kuang-hsu (Guangxu). PCGS VF-35. Sold for $15,600.

Currency saw consistently strong prices, with a total realization of $3.29 million. To read about the highlights of that sale, click here.

Complete prices realized for the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio’s October 2023 Spring Hong Kong Auction are available at StacksBowers.com. The company is now accepting consignments for their January 2024 NYINC Auction and the Spring 2024 Hong Kong Auction, as well as their ongoing series of Collectors Choice Online (CCO) events.

To inquire about consigning your coins and currency to a future sale, call at 800-458-4646 or write to [email protected].

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