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Stunning British Coins Highlight Nov. Heritage World Coin Auction

Stunning British Coins Highlight Nov. Heritage World Coin Auction

We are all in a period of tremendous change in the world. Only months ago many people wondered not only how global events surrounding the pandemic would unfold, but also about the impending impact on the market for rare coins. When we interact with our clients, collectors, and consignors alike, a consistent theme emerges: the passion for numismatics transcends the forces of politics, global health, and the news cycle. Though many of us have changed our habits and live somewhat differently now than we did less than a year ago, passion for rare coins has not abated, and, if anything, bidder interest remains stronger and more vibrant than ever.

It is in this context of prosperity that we decided, upon the success of the Heritage Auctions August 2020 Platinum Night & Signature Auction, to add the November 5-6 Platinum Night & Signature Auction to the calendar. What you see before you today is the result of that decision, and we believe that this carefully curated sale represents something that will carry weight with even the most seasoned collector.

This auction contains a stunning and even formidable selection of British coins spanning centuries of numismatic history.

Perhaps the biggest of the highlights is a gorgeous 1826 Proof 5 Pounds of George IV, certified PR66 Ultra Cameo by NGC. Interest in heavy British gold denominations has only increased in the past months, and this offering reaches for the very peak of certified quality for the type, representing a wonder of preservation and survivorship.

Also of note is an impressive MS61-certified 5 Guineas of Anne, dated 1705, a coin which we are similarly confident will draw considerable collector interest.

Alongside these highlights are a 1656 Oliver Cromwell Pattern Broad, certified PR63 Cameo by PCGS, a beautiful 1728 Guinea of George II ranking as the finest certified at MS65, and an “Elephant & Castle” 5 Guineas from 1687, certified MS60.

The sale also sees the inclusion of an exceptional group of gold Proofs and patterns, primarily hailing from the reigns of George IV, William IV, and Victoria.

It is difficult to summarize a unifying theme for the general highlights of this Heritage Auctions Signature sale, as they are as diverse as they are admirable.

From Australia, the auction sees a magnificent 1856 gold Proof Pattern Sovereign, the essential prototype for the bust design that would supersede the early “fillet” portrait employed in the Sydney Sovereigns of 1855 and 1856.

From South America, a Brazilian contribution to the sale takes the form of an exceedingly rare Bahia-minted 4000 Reis of 1819, struck to an original mintage of only 1,864, and an issue missing from even leading Brazilian collections such as RLM, Paulistana, and Santa Cruz.

From Czechoslovakia hails a 1932 10 Dukatu, ranked at an astonishing MS67 level of certification, the finest yet certified by either PCGS or NGC.

Heritage Auction Ancient Coin Highlights

Thanks primarily to the James Dines “Original Goldbug” Collection, the ancient coin section is flush with not only glorious gold issues, such as three Arsinoe II octodrachms but also some phenomenal Judaean issues from the Shoshana Collection, including an incredible Titus provincial from the Koinon of Bithynia, graded AU star Fine Style by NGC.

Croesus is again well represented, with the two top estimated lots in the form of a stater and a trite.

Other lots sure to garner extensive interest will be the Trajan and dynastic Severan gold aurei, an Antony and Cleopatra denarius, and AU graded denarii of Gordian I and II.

This auction will be open for bidding soon at We wish you the best of luck in your collecting endeavors.

Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions
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