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A photograph of the Liberty Bell. Image: Adobe Stock.

1926 Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Exposition Coins and Medals From the U.S. Mint

By Vic Bozarth for PCGS ......   The year was 1926, and the United States was celebrating its 150th anniversary, more widely known at the time...
1949-S Roosevelt Dime. Image: CoinWeek.

1949-S Roosevelt Dime : A Collector’s Guide

As one of the key dates of the series, the 1949-S Roosevelt dime is second in rarity only to the Philadelphia Mint’s 1955 mintage...
The Roosevelt dime was the subject of two interesting controversies. Image: CoinWeek.

The Roosevelt Dime – Stolen Design or Communist Plot?

By David Thomason Alexander for CoinWeek .....   Most circulating United States coins have received their share of negative press when first issued. This includes the...
Franklin Half Dollar. Image: Adobe Stock.

Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963) : A Collector’s Guide

The Franklin Half Dollar Ends a 156-Year Era of Liberty on American Coins The Franklin half dollar was a silver half dollar coin produced by...
1970 Roosevelt Dime. Image: CoinWeek.

1970 Roosevelt Dime : A Collector’s Guide

Struck four years after the last .900 silver dimes were produced (they were dated 1964), the 1970 Roosevelt dime was struck to the tune...

The Franklin Half Dollar Turns 75

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez for PCGS ......   Benjamin Franklin, the subject of the Franklin Half Dollar is perhaps one of the most famous Founding Fathers to...
United States 1953 Proof Franklin Half Dollar

1953 Franklin Half Dollar Proof : History and Value

After the production of Proof Franklin half dollars began in 1950, two years after the introduction of the series, the United States Mint had...
United States 1979-S Roosevelt Dime Proof

1979-S Roosevelt Dime Proof : A Collector’s Guide

A modern Proof coin, the United States Mint struck the 1979-S Roosevelt dime for inclusion in the annual Mint Set offered to collectors. Since...
United States 1948 Franklin Half Dollar

1948 Franklin Half Dollar : History and Value

First released in 1948, the Franklin half dollar was the last circulating U.S. denomination and coin to adopt the portrait of a real individual,...
United States 1988-P Roosevelt Dime

1988-P Roosevelt Dime : A Collector’s Guide

The 1988-P Roosevelt Dime Was Struck in Large Quantities Nine years after adopting the P mintmark, the Philadelphia Mint was on a roll. In fact,...
United States 2009 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar

Top 5 Commemorative Presidential Coins

By Bullion Shark LLC ...... Former presidents have played a major role in our circulating coinage for over one hundred years, appearing on the obverses...
United States 1993-P Roosevelt Dime

1993-P Roosevelt Dime : A Collector’s Guide

Despite Strong Demand, the 1993-P Roosevelt Dime Was a Well-Made Coin 1993 marked one of the last years in the 20th century that the Philadelphia...
United States 1926 American Independence Sesquicentennial Commemorative Quarter Eagle

United States 1926 American Independence Sesquicentennial Commemorative Quarter Eagle

Americans of the 1920s seemed so preoccupied with enjoying the present that celebrating the past was destined to take a back seat. Even so,...
United States 1987-S Roosevelt Dime

1987-S Roosevelt Dime : A Collector’s Guide

In celebration of the current San Francisco Mint’s 50th anniversary, an unprecedented 2,263 visitors were allowed to tour the building all while under heavy...
United States 1977-D Roosevelt Dime

1977-D Roosevelt Dime : A Collector’s Guide

On February 9, 1977, Frank H. MacDonald, then-Deputy Director of the United States Mint, announced that the Denver facility would cease production. Two days...

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