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The Gambia Introduces New Commemorative Banknotes, Coins

Front, 2014 Gambian 20-dalasi polymer bank note

The West African nation of The Gambia recently launched new commemorative 20-dalasi (D20.00) polymer banknotes, a new family of paper-based banknotes and commemorative coins celebrating the country’s Golden Jubilee
The Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG) in collaboration with the Government of The Gambia received approval to introduce a newly-redesigned family of Gambian circulation notes. The change is meant to reduce the size of national currency notes to achieve efficiency and take advantage of technological developments in the currency industry. The new notes also have advanced security features to deter counterfeiting.

As a result, the CBG on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, launched the following currency notes and coins:

  1. Commemorative D20.00 polymer (plastic) banknotes
  2. Commemorative gold and gold-plated silver coins
  3. A redesigned family of new banknotes, including a D200.00 note

The D20 Polymer was put into circulation on Monday, March 2, 2015, while the series of
redesigned banknotes were issued on Monday, March 30. The Golden Jubilee commemorative gold and gold-plated coins have been available for sale since March 2

Commemorative D20.00 Polymer Banknote

This is the first series of polymer banknotes to be issued by the CBG and is intended, among other things, to commemorate 20 years of the July 22 Revolution and to be in line with international best practice.

Back, 2014 Gambian 20-dalasi polymer bank noteThe polymer banknote is based on the existing D25.00 note and therefore similar in many aspects, except that the colour background of the D20.00 polymer banknote is green and bears the portraits of President His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhagie Dr. Yahya. A. J. J. Jammeh. The polymer banknotes have a date of July 22, 2014 with the words “20 Years of Progress and Self-Reliance” written on the centre bottom of the obverse side of the note.

Few critical changes were made to incorporate security features that are unique to only polymer notes to enhance the overall security level of the denomination. However, both the polymer and the current D25.00 notes shall circulate side by side, and the latter will continue to be legal tender until it is fully withdrawn from circulation.

New Family of Gambian Banknotes

Furthermore, the CBG will introduce into circulation a new family of paper-base Gambian banknotes for all other denominations except the D25.00 which will be replaced by the D20.00 note. These notes will include a New D200.00 denomination. A fundamental distinction is that all the notes are smaller in size and all of them bear the portrait of the President. This new family of banknotes will be circulated nationwide along with the existing banknote family of D100.00, D50.00, D25.00, D10.00 and D5.00 until these are fully withdrawn over time.

New Commemorative Gold and Gold Plated Silver Coins

In another development, the CBG also introduced new commemorative gold and gold-plated silver coins with face values of D50, 000.00 and D500.00, respectively. This was to commemorate the country`s GOLDEN JUBILEE, marking the nation`s 50th INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY on February 18, 2015.

Commemorative coins are issued in limited quantities and are not meant for general circulation. They are legal tender, however, and available for sale at the Currency Unit of the Banking Department of the Central Bank of The Gambia.

Given that The Gambia is a cash-based economy, we urge the general public to handle the notes with the utmost care. A massive, nationwide sensitization campaign is planned.

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