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Vam View: Sometimes it is the High Cost of Plastic

My how the times do change.

regencyvam1When PCGS introduced its Regency holder in 1992, it was intended to allow the collector to recognize “special‟ coins—either to showcase very rare pieces, special pedigree coins or even special events.

The Regency slab is a large slab, five inches high and three across at the widest point. At the time, the cost was a $30 fee for slabbing plus a $20 fee for the special holder and the personalized inscription. Additionally the customer was allowed to specify a two-line inscription to appear on the front label up to a maximum of 44 characters.

According to Rick Montgomery who was with PCGS at the time and is now with NGC, the Regency slabs were produced from 1992 to 1995.

Researchers, according to former SSDC President Ash Harrison, have only been able to verify the use of the slab during 1994 and 1995.

An 1880-S VAM 10 in a Regency MS65 holder was sold at a recent Heritage auction.

The label also carries the Breen identification number of BR-5547. In his mas- sive work, Breen describes the coin as:

“1880 S 8/7, largest S. Presently very rare. VAM 10. Both edges of crossbar of 7 within loop of second 8. S as in 5545 (VAM 9).”

The label on the coin sold also carried the „V. Rare‟ designation. The coin is no longer considered to be rare.

The VAMview Retail Price Guide gives a suggested price of $250 for the coin in MS65. The Coin Dealer Newsletter, the Greysheet, has a wholesale listing of $170.

The Regency coin sold for $1,763, in- cluding the buyer‟s fee.

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