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World Coin News – A Brace of Musical Beauties from the Austrian Mint

The special relationship between the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Austrian Mint reaches new heights in 2017 with the issue of a brace of beautiful coins celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first ever performance of The Blue Danube and the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

One of the most recognizable pieces of classical music of all time, The Blue Danube is one of the highlights of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s world-famous New Year’s Concert. Also the first tune of the year to be played on Austrian radio, the beloved waltz, composed by Johann Strauss II in 1866, is synonymous with the New Year and is thus the perfect theme for the Austrian Mint’s lucky New Year coin 2017.

The 5 euro silver coin, which comes in both silver and copper, features a detail from the Johann Strauss II monument in Vienna’s Stadtpark in the foreground of its reverse, while a couple waltz in the background.

On 18 January 2017, the day before the legendary Vienna Philharmonic Ball, the 175th anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra coin is issued. Celebrating the first ever performance of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, on 28 March 1842, this splendid 20 euro silver coin pays homage to the orchestra’s unique sound.

The obverse of the coin features portraits of the orchestra’s three founding fathers: Otto Nicolai, August Schmidt and Alfred Julius Becher. The coin’s reverse shows a detail from Max Oppenheimer’s 15m2 triptych Die Philharmoniker, which hangs in the Belvedere Museum in Vienna.

The lasting symbol of the special relationship between the Austrian Mint and the Vienna Philharmonic is, of course, the Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin − one of the world’s leading investment products for more than a quarter of a century.

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About the Austrian Mint

Boasting over 800 years of experience, the Austrian Mint renowned the world over first-class precious metal processing and coin manufacture. A member of the international minting elite, it is a global player in this field. Without such a pedigree the Vienna Philharmonic would never have become Europa’s most sought after bullion coin. The Austrian Mint’s flagship product is the Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin. Produced in five different sizes, from one ounce to 1/25 of an ounce, the Vienna Philharmonic fits every pocket and occasion. Investors, collectors and gift-givers all value the unique combination of its beautiful design and highest possible minting quality, which make it one of the world’s best-loved and best-selling bullion coins. Since it was first struck in 1989, on one side the coin’s award-winning design has featured a harmonious assortment of musical instruments from the world-famous orchestra.

Austrian Mint
Austrian Minthttps://www.muenzeoesterreich.at/eng
Internationally renowned for its know-how in precious metal processing and coin production, the Austrian Mint is a global player in the international minting industry and ranks among the world’s leading mints. With more than 800 years of coin-making experience, since 1988 the Austrian Mint has operated as a private company and is the sole manufacturer of coinage to the Austrian people.

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