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Air Force Centennial, Veneto Cuisine Honored on New Italian Coins

By the Italian Mint ……

100 Years of the Air Force

100 Years of the Air Force commemorative Italian coins. Mint of Italy.
100 Years of the Air Force. Image: Mint of Italy.

As part of the 2023 Numismatic Collection from the Italian State Mint and Printing Institute, two coins celebrate “One Hundred Years of the Air Force”.

The first commemorative 2 euro coin to be legal tender in all member states in the European Union and in ordinary circulation, it was created to commemorate the history and ideals of the Air Force, a branch of the Armed Forces that has always been at the service of the community and of the institutions.

The design of the national side of the euro coin, always specific to the issuing country, was created by State Mint engraver Valerio De Seta. On the obverse of the Italian coin is a depiction of the logo for the Centenary of the Italian Air Force. In the left field is the mint mark “R”, identifying the Mint of Rome; above, “RI”, acronym of the Italian Republic. Arched in the exergue is the inscription “AIR FORCE“; on the right, “VdS”, the initials of designer Valerio De Seta; around, the 12 stars of the European Union.

The common reverse is the work of Luc Luycx, a Belgian artist and engraver. On the left is the value of the currency; across the center of the right field is the word is superimposed horizontally “EURO”. On the right is a drawing depicting the map of Europe crossed by six lines that unite 12 stars. Under the letter “O“, on the right near the edge of the coin, are the initials “LL”.

The coin in its collector’s version, with a face value of 2 euros, is available in Proof and in Brilliant Uncirculated, with mintages of 13,000 and 15,000 pieces, respectively, to which is added the roll of 25 uncirculated pieces in 10,000 pieces. The currency for ordinary circulation has a total mintage of three million coins.

The second silver coin, with a face value of 5 euros, is available in a Proof version with a circulation of 5,000 pieces.

Engraver Valerio De Seta depicts on the obverse, in the foreground, the coat of arms of the Air Force, surmounted by the turreted eagle, a symbol of the military pilots–which contains the badges of four squadrons that were highlighted for skill, courage, and heroism in World War I–delimited at the bottom by the cartouche with the motto “Virtute Siderum Tenus”. At the top, around, is the inscription “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA”.

On the reverse, a representation of the logo of the Centenary of the Air Force “1923-2023”–the year of its establishment and the year of issue of the coin, respectively. In the field on the left, the wording “EURO”; above, “FIVE”; to follow, “R”, identifying the Mint of Rome; on the right “VdS”, the initials of designer Valerio De Seta. In the exergue, arched, is the inscription “AERONAUTICA MILITARY“. This coin also features colored elements.

The Centenary logo and the Air Force coat of arms are reproduced courtesy concession of the General Staff of the Air Force.

Description and availability for the purchase of coins from the 2023 Numismatic Collection of the Italian Republic are published on the portal www.shop.ipzs.it. From this year, European citizens will also be able to register and purchase the coins of the Collection and all other products of the State Printing Office and Mint.

Food and Wine Culture Series – Veneto

Food and Wine Culture Series – Veneto commemorative Italian coin. Image: Mint of Italy.
Food and Wine Culture Series – Veneto. Image: Mint of Italy.

The first coin of the “Italian Food and Wine Culture” series of the Numismatic Collection 2023 celebrates the region of Veneto with Prosecco and Granseola. The food and wine sector, which inspires the coinage of the Italian Republic, is a tribute to the history, culture, and tradition world’s most loved “Made in Italy” food and wine.

The collector’s cupronickel coin, created by the engraver Marta Bonifacio and produced at the State Mint, with a nominal value of 5 euros, is available in the “Fior di Conio” version with a circulation of 15,000 pieces.

On the obverse, a flute of Prosecco and a plate with Granseola; in the background a gondola, the bridge of Rialto, and a composition of stylized waves. At the top, around, the inscription “REPUBLIC ITALIAN“; in the center, on the right, the region name “VENETO”; below, on the left, the author’s signature “M. BONIFACIO“. The coin features colored elements.

On the reverse, above, against a background decorated with eight-pointed stars, taken from the Cappella degli Scrovegni of Padua, the winged lion of St. Mark of Bassano del Grappa stands out, the age-old symbol of the Veneto region; below, on the right, an elevation of the Villa Almerico Capra known as the Rotonda di Palladio, as it appeared in the original project. On the left, the value “5 EURO“; To the right “R”, identifier of the Mint of Rome; in the center “2023”, the year of issue of the coin. Around the top, the inscription “SAPORI D’ITALIA”.

A description and the availability of each coin from the Numismatic Collection of the Italian Republic 2023 is published on the portal www.shop.ipzs.it.

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