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ANA members urged to support World War I American Veterans Centennial Commemorative Coin Act

On June 13, 2013, Congressmen Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado, introduced The World War I American Veterans Centennial Commemorative Coin Act.  The American Numismatic Association has officially endorsed this bipartisan bill and is calling on members to take action in contacting their Congressional representatives to sponsor the bill.

“I’m glad that the ANA has gotten behind this very worthwhile and noble cause. It’s important that we honor our American veterans of the First World War,” said Rod Gillis, the ANA’s Numismatic Educator. “Coins are commemorative documents that hold invaluable knowledge.”

wwi_vetThe bill currently has four co-sponsors:  Emanuel Cleaver (D-Missouri), William Enyart (D-Illinois), Ted Yoho (R-Florida), Lacy Clay (D-Missouri), and Bill Young (R-Florida). The bill has been referred to the House Financial Services Committee, which will determine whether the bill will move forward to a full vote in the House of Representatives.

“This Act is a great way for the ANA to show our appreciation and gratitude toward our veterans.  It commemorates both the lives we lost during this gruesome war as well as those who bravely served,” said ANA President-elect Walter A. Ostromecki, Jr.  “We strongly encourage our members to take up action in contacting their congressmen and women.”

If passed, the Act will require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint 350,000 silver dollar coins in the year 2018, which marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice with Germany that ended World War I. The coins will be composed of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper and will hold the standard dimensions of a dollar with a diameter of 1.5000 inches.

“This Act allows us to pay tribute to the end of World War I battlefield hostilities while honoring the memory, service and sacrifice of over 4 million outstanding Americans,” Lamborn said. “The United States has a history of memorializing significant conflicts, including the Civil War, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War on United States commemorative coins, but no coin exists to honor the brave veterans of World War I.”

Proceeds from the sale of the coin are scheduled for use by the World War I Centennial Commission. The Commission is responsible for planning, developing, and executing programs, projects, and activities to commemorate the centennial of World War I. Inspiration for the bill came from Frank Buckles, the last American World War I veteran. Buckles passed away in February of 2011 at age 110.

To learn how to contact the Representative and ask for his or her support of this bill, go to: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/.

To contact members of the House Financial Services Committee, go to http://www.govtrack.us/congress/committees/HSBA .

The American Numismatic Association is a congressionally chartered nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. The ANA helps its 26,000 members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of education and outreach programs, as well as its museum, library, publications, conventions and seminars. For more information, call 719-632-2646 or go to www.money.org.

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