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Ancient Coin Video Highlights From Tauler & Fau E-Auction 65

E-Auction 65 – Vol. VII of Ancient coins from Tauler & Fau features 601 lots and closes on Tuesday, October 6 beginning at 04:00 pm (CEST). This sale features Greek coins; Celtiberian coins; Roman Republican, Imperatorial, and Imperial coins; Byzantine coins; Visigothic coins; and Large Lots.


Several videos are posted for select lots at www.tauleryfau.com.

Some Highlights from Auction 65

Lot 1426: Antoninus Pius. Aureus. 155-156 CE. Rome. (Ric-256b). (Ch-996). (Cal-1674). Obv.: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P IMP II. Unadorned bust to the right. Rev.: TR POT XIX COS IIII. The emperor standing to the left, robed and with a globe. Au. 7.26 g. Beautiful color. XF. Starting Price: 2.000 euros


Lot 1376: Augustus. Denarius. 21-20 CE. Samos. (Ffc-19). (Ric-475). (Ch-28). Obv.: CAESAR. Unadorned bust to right. Rev.: AVGVSTVS. Bull standing right. Ag. 3.60 g. Planchet crack. Rare. Choice VF.


Lot 1064: Thrace. Thasos. Tetradrachm. 148 BCE. (Gc-1759). (Cy-1530). Obv.: Head of Dionysus with ivy crown on right. Rev.: Hercules standing to the left, with club and lion skin, around legend. Ag. 16.81 g. Tone. Almost XF.


Lot 1327: Procilius. L. Procilius f. Denarius. 80 BCE. South of Italy. (Ffc-1082). (Craw-379/2). (Cal-1225). Obv.: Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat’s skin, S.C. behind. Rev.: Juno Sospita as last, but in biga right, serpent below horses, L. PROCILI. F. in exergue. Ag. 4,08 g. Bluish patina. Almost XF.


Lot 1013: Caria. Rhodes. Hemidrachm. 205-190 BCE. (Cy-2816 variante). Obv.: Helios head from the front, slightly turned to the right. Rev.: Rosa, right mace, above and below legend. Ag. 2,75 g. XF.


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About Tauler and Fau

At Tauler & Fau – Herrero we organize monthly numismatic auctions. It is a great opportunity for every collector to take advantage of the occasion and complete their collection of old coins, medals, or books. Online numismatic auctions make it possible for anyone to easily and intuitively access that much-desired currency.

Each collector follows his own criteria when making his collection and can be based on (among other criteria):

  • A specific historical period, for example, Roman Empire or Spanish Monarchy.
  • A mint, such as the Madrid mint or the old Bolskan Iberian mint.
  • A type of currency, such as the denarius, 8 reales, 8 escudos, sestercio, drachma, etc.

Now you can start bidding in our antique coin auctions and get a unique specimen that will stand out in your numismatic collection.

Participating in Tauler & Fau – Herrero auctions is very easy. After registering on our website, you will be able to enjoy all its advantages: overbid notice, current price, bid history, song photos and 360º images, recommended lots, etc. In addition, through our innovative real-time bidding system, you can experience the adrenaline of the auction from the comfort of your home.

Bid live at the Tauler & Fau numismatic auctions.

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