Another “Family” – Capped Bust Quarter Counterfeits

By Jack D. Young, Early American Coppers (EAC) ……

This latest installment is on an earlier series of the quarter denomination based on a B-10 1818 Capped Bust variety, picked by the counterfeiters to spawn a family of fakes. The first image is of a genuine example courtesy of PCGS; the die scratch from the second star aids in identifying this obverse.



The next images are of a genuine example and a Chinese counterfeit – guess which one is which? I highlighted some “dings” and marks on the reverse that are clues going forward.


From there, the counterfeiters made an accurate die and created another “family of fakes” adding different dates to the obverse dies (with some matching reverse marks).


Different “looks”, same date, and attribution marks!


I also found an “1825” example on the internet, though the listing was removed after being reported. The seller did mark “COPY” on the reverse but it’s still against the listing policy.

These keep chugging along–this one is from a French internet seller.

And another new approach to selling. This one was listed as a “Mint Copy”.

Interesting in that it showed an edge view!

As the research continues to be a team effort, I received an email this week from a friend with information on his example.

Great specific information from my friend and fellow counterfeit buster Greg Fitzgibbon! As we continue to study these fakes, we also refine the attribution or “sister marks” to help identify them.

And as the research continues, we are looking to identify the actual genuine source coin for this latest “Family”; I can say I can’t look at a B-10 the same going forward!

Best as always,


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