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Argentina Central Bank Puts New $200 Note into Circulation

By Central Bank of Argentina ….
The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) put into circulation from October 26 the $ 200 pesos with the image of the Southern Right Whale. It is the second of the new family “indigenous animals Argentina“, which introduces the vertical design on the obverse of the note and also a new way to raise awareness about environmental preservation. The first was the $ 500 with the image of the Jaguar, released in June.

The $200 whose role is cotton 90 g / m2 with a slight blue hue and retains the size of the line weight will be distributed progressively through the network of bank branches and ATMs across the country. Like the rest of the new family of banknotes, coexist with which is currently in circulation.

Security features on the 2016 200 peso banknote. Images courtesy Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina

The Southern Right Whale is the animal chosen as a representative figure of the Argentine Sea, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands and considered a National Natural Monument since 1984. Each year, between May and December, more than 4,000 whales approach the coast Puerto Madryn.

With blue as the predominant color, the new bill has strict security measures such as watermark reproducing the southern right whale and the 200th, fluorescent fibers to ultraviolet light and a security thread that changes the maroon the greenish yellow, among others.

The front of the note designed in vertical format presents the portrait of the Southern Right Whale and on the back, designed in landscape format, the artistic recreation of its characteristic habitat. In addition, in the lower left corner a simpler representation of the Franca Austral whale appears, like a toy that offers a nod to childhood while planting awareness of the new generations. It is the intention of the Central Bank of Argentina that the national currency contributes to the union of citizens in the task of honoring our country, our wildlife and to strengthen the commitment of all the means atmosphere with joy and life.

The new $ 200 was presented on October 26 at the Ecocentro Mar Patagonia city of Puerto Madryn, Chubut, he was attended by the president of the BCRA, Federico Sturzenegger, the governor of the province of Chubut Mario Das Neves, the mayor of Puerto Madryn Mr. Ricardo Sastre and authorities SE Mint, NGO representatives and experts linked to environmental care in numismatics, among other special guests.

Improvements in the performance of everyday economic activities that generate the new $ 200 complement, in turn, with measures that implemented the Central Bank in recent months, such as the implementation of new methods of payment using mobile phones, electronic deposit checks, establish the gratuity of the savings banks and debit cards linked, opening a savings account and electronically transfers made by individuals.

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