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Argentina to Issue Higher Denomination Banknotes

By Central Bank of Argentina….
The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) reports that in mid-2016 it will put into circulation banknotes of higher denomination, specifically 200- and 500-peso notes, with the 1,000-peso note to follow next year. New sets of 20, 50 and 100 pesos will also start circulating in 2017.

The new bills will circulate alongside existing currency for the time being.

argentinanotesThe addition of larger denomination paper money is a practical necessity for the better functioning of ATMs and reducing the costs of cash transfers. However, the Central Bank encourages the increased use of electronic payments for transactions and intends to proceed in that direction in the near future.

The new family of banknotes have as their themes native Argentine fauna and the various regions of the country. Each bill’s obverse features an animal typical to one of the regions, while the reverse features that animal’s habitat. With these notes the Central Bank highlights Argentina’s natural abundance and at the same time emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting biodiversity. By selecting the wildlife and national regions of Argentina as the theme for this family of banknotes, the Central Bank also seeks to represent all Argentinians on the national currency.

The motifs for each bill are:

  • $1000: Homer (national bird) – Centre region
  • $500: Jaguar – Northeast Region
  • $200: Southern Right Whale – Argentine Sea, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands
  • $100: Taruca – Northwest Region
  • $50: Condor – Andean region
  • $20: Guanaco – Patagonian steppe

At the time of publication, one Argentine peso (ARS) traded for $0.075 USD.

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