July 5 Heritage Showcase Auction Features Mint Errors

Mint errors take center stage again in Heritage Auctions’ latest Error Coinage Showcase Auction. Bidding is open now, with the concluding Live Session scheduled for 5:00 PM CT (6:00 PM Eastern) on Tuesday, July 5. All bidding will take place through Coins.HA.com.

A coin that has attracted a good deal of attention is lot 91387, a 1965 Washington Quarter struck on a silver planchet. This rare transitional planchet error is similar to the 1943 copper cent or the 1977-D Ikes struck on silver-clad planchets. Silver quarters dated 1964 and clad quarters dated 1965 were both struck during 1965, and inevitably, a 90% silver planchet apparently lodged within a bin that was later filled with clad planchets destined for 1965-dated dies. This piece circulated for a while, as befitting PCGS’ assigned grade of XF45, before a sharp-eyed collector noted that the edge did not reveal any clad layers.

Some of the other fascinating error coins featured in this auction are:

This auction is open for bidding now at Coins.HA.com.


  1. I have a Jefferson nickel with a Buffalo on the back. It’s a newer one, but when it’s flipped over the Buffalo is not centered. It’s kinda at an angle.


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