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Austria 2013 Piece by Piece: Lower Austria 10 Euro Commemorative Coin



Located in the northeastern part of the country, Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) is Austria’s largest province and a nexus of agriculture and industry. The Danube River flows from west to east through the state, providing almost infinite panoramas for photographers and nature lovers. And even though it is located in the north of the country when looking at a map, the state is known as Lower Austria because the region is downriver along the Danube.

Lower Austria is widely regarded for its numerous caverns, which, according to geologists, number more than 4,000. While spelunkers can explore the caverns, those who prefer aboveground diversions will enjoy the region’s ancient castles and monasteries, terraced vineyards, gorgeous lakes, and mountainside vistas.

Niederösterreich is the subject for the third of 10 coins in the Austria by its Children: Piece by Piece 10 Euro commemorative coin series, which started in 2012. The series honors Austria and its nine federal states, and each coin’s design was created by children from that respective state and selected through a design competition. The children’s artwork appears on the reverse of each coin, while each obverse highlights landmarks or subjects designated as World Heritage sites or items by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


The obverse of the Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) 10 Euro coin honors Wachau World Heritage Trail, which takes hikers through a winding path along parts of the Danube, through ravines and hillsides, and past Renaissance-era towns. Craggy cliffs and terraces, picturesque vineyards, and long-abandoned castles and fortresses are just some of the sights one sees when hiking along the Wachau. These are the subjects represented on the obverse of the Lower Austria coin.

Designed by Herbert Wähner, the obverse features a vineyard overlooking the Danube on the lower half of the coin. The upper portion of the coin depicts representative ancient castles and fortresses seen along the Wachau Trail. REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH is inscribed across the top portion of the rim, from the 10 o’clock to one o’clock positions. WACHAU is situated in the upper-right portion of the coin between a fortress and clock tower, while the coin’s denomination of 10 EURO is represented in one line of text over the Danube.


Lower-Austria-Ag-coinrThe reverse of the Niederösterreich 10 Euro, designed by 10-year-old Christian Kopf and engraved by Helmut Andexlinger, depicts a collage of scenes representing Lower Austria. The design on the coin is quartered into four sections. The top-left portion represents the state’s lumber industry, symbolized by conifer trees, stripped logs, an axe, and chain saw. The top-right segment honors Niederösterreich’s wine industry, honored on the coin with a vineyard scene.

The bottom-right area of the coin highlights the province’s robust industrial and manufacturing sector, which is illustrated by factories and smokestacks. The bottom-left part of the coin pays tribute to the area’s diverse agricultural operations, appearing on the reverse in the form of an orchard. NIEDERÖSTERREICH is inscribed along the top of the coin, straddling the logging and winery scenes along the rim from the 10 o’ clock to two o’clock positions.


Designer(s): Herbert Wähner is a designer and engraver at the Austrian Mint. Helmut Andexlinger has created a number of prize-winning coin designs (View Designer’s Profile). Both men studied at the Fachschule für Metalldesign in Steyr, Austria.

Coin Specifications:

Country:  Austria
Year Of Issue:  2013
Denomination:  10 Euro
Mint Mark:
Mintage:  Silver: 40,000 (Special Unc.), 30,000 (Proof); Copper: 130,000 (Unc.)
Alloy:  .925 Silver; .999 Copper
Weight:  Silver: 17.3 g; Copper: 15 g
Diameter:  32 mm
Edge:  Silver: Smooth; Copper: Rilled
OBV Designer  Herbert Wähner
REV Designer  Christian Kopf / Helmut Andexlinger
Quality:  Silver: Special Uncirculated, Proof; Copper: Uncirculated

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