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Best of Rapp Auctions – The Cream of the Crop


By Rapp Auctions….
New times consistently require new directions. To stick with what has been tried and tested and at the same time skillfully experiment with the new has always been the successful way Rapp Auctions has communicated with its customers, informing them of interesting and exciting developments and about outstanding consignments.

In the past 45 years, Rapp Auctions has been able to auction a dozen very important stamp collections. Including many Grand Prix and Gold or Large Gold prize-winning collections. Passionate philatelists have entrusted us with their often spectacular life’s work for the best possible sale at our auction. One need only think of the sale of sensational world class collections such as “Alma Lee”, “Spalentor”, “Ticino”, “Elbe” or “Pilatus” to name only a few.

Such great philatelic and numismatic treasures have to be kept “alive” for the benefit of collectors. This is why we’ve designed our website with a new format: “Best of Rapp”. We are presenting a small range of absolutely top objects fully digitized. Each of the beautiful collections features accompanying text describing the collection’s concept (in German or English) and shows the portrait of the respective collector. We have deliberately kept the choice of collections small to make sure we show you only the best of the best.

On the Cutting Edge

Even though we deal with valuable collectibles of the past on a daily basis, we still keep up with the times. The internet is a welcome medium that gives us the opportunity to communicate with collectors, dealers and journalists as well as radio and television in various new ways. “Best of Rapp”, our new concept, is ideally suited to the opportunity and conditions the new media provides. We don’t only want to present these outstanding collections to a small elitist community (possibly involving costs); we want to present this material to a worldwide community and do it for free. It’s the best way we can reach, inspire and win potential new collectors and investors.

We cordially invite you to study, browse, discover and enjoy our new concept and we hope it serves as a stimulus for your own collecting. It goes without saying that we will inform you as soon as we present our next magnificent object.

Best regards,

Peter Rapp & Marianne Rapp Ohmann

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