Bid Now on Selections From the Bob R. Simpson Collection

Bid Now on Selections From the Bob R. Simpson Collection

Bob Simpson, a friend and valued client for over 20 years – and who is part-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team, a philanthropist, and a lifelong Texas energy executive – is nothing short of a legendary figure in the rare coin hobby as well. Mr. Simpson stands as a singularly astute numismatist, and Heritage Auctions continues to be honored with the privilege to handle numerous selections from his incomparable collection.

We are especially pleased to bring Important Selections From The Bob R. Simpson Collection, Part 1 to the numismatic community. This initial offering, scheduled for September 17 at 6 PM CT, features 349 lots spanning virtually all series, including spectacular examples of sought-after key varieties and rare dates. Each and every coin would be a highlight in any prestigious coin auction. To see them all gathered here is breathtaking, to say the least.

We note that this special presentation is only the first of several installments from the collection. Equally outstanding selections will follow in the upcoming months, each of which is destined not only to make numismatic history but to strike a responsive chord with collectors of every discipline and specialty. The depth and diversity of the Simpson Collection are truly remarkable, as all who are close to the hobby are well aware.

The list of rarities in Part 1 of the Simpson Collection sale alone is something to behold. The following top coins will no doubt create debate among those viewing the catalog who might replace much of the list with other selections and not be far off the mark. This is our list of favorites:

Heritage has presented many major collections over the years – most recently, monumental collections including those of Eric P. Newman, Eugene H. Gardner, Donald Groves Partrick, Steven L. Duckor, and many other preeminent collectors. The Bob R. Simpson Collection takes its place among them, to the delight and pleasure of all who love coins. We look forward to bringing the Simpson treasures to you.

Bidding in this auction is open at

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