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Canada’s Finest Ancient Coin Collection, Up for Public Auction in Toronto

Canada’s famed Ancient coin collection of the late William (Bill) McDonald will be up for public auction block in Toronto, Ontario, on September 27, 2012, with 300 of these ancient coins spanning the ancient world of Roman and Imperial Coinage from 100 B.C. 100 A.D.

Bill founded the Classical and Medieval Numismatic Society in Canada and started collecting ancient coins in the early 80’s. This Society has since ceased operations but nevertheless had a faithful following. Bill was indeed a force in Canadian numismatics and his passion has spread across the Canadian numismatic organization.

This collection represents the one of the largest and finest ancient coin collection ever to be on auction in Canada.

A few highlights from the sale include:

Lot                   Description                                                                            Estimate

18.                   Macedonia (330-320 BC). AR-Tetradrachm                    $600

28.                   Antiochos VIII (98-96 BC). AR-Tetradrachm                   $1,000

46.                   Pisidia Sagalassos (36-25 BC). AR-Didrachm               $2,500

94.                   Phraataces (2 BC- 4 AD). AR-Tetradrachm                    $500

158.                Sextus Pompey (42-40 BC). AR-Denarius                      $2,000

162.                Mark Antony (32-31 BC). AR-Denarius                           $1,500

165.                Julius Caesar (46 BC). AU-Aureus                                  $3,000

271.                Juba II & Cleopatra Selene (25 BC-23 AD).                    $400


Geoffrey Bell Auctions is honoured to be chosen to auction Bill’s fine collection at the Toronto Coin Expo, Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario. For further details, visit www.torontocoinexpo.ca.

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