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CCAC Selects Design Recommendations for 2020 Basketball Commemorative Coins

United States Mint also reveals possibility of colorized silver, clad commems


By CoinWeek News Staff …..
As the immortal rapper Kurtis Blow once sang, “Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court.”

And in that spirit, on Wednesday, July 17, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) held a public meeting to discuss design candidates for the obverse and reverse of the 2020 National Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Program. The CCAC, which reviews proposed U.S. coin designs and then passes on its recommendations to the Secretary of the Treasury for ultimate approval, was tasked with selecting a common obverse and a common reverse to appear on all three of the program’s curved, lenticular coins–a gold $5, a silver $1, and a clad half dollar.

In the end, the committee chose obverse 19 and reverse one as their main recommendation and obverse two and reverse 18 as an alternative pairing. A motion was also made to couple obverse two with obverse 19 as the reverse but the motion did not pass.

Additionally, April Stafford from the United States Mint’s Office of Design Management and a mainstay at CCAC meetings, stated on July 17 that the Mint is considering the use of colorization on the silver dollar and clad half dollar coins.

All candidate designs are pictured below, courtesy of Michael White of the Office of Corporate Communications at the U.S. Mint.



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  1. Liked the design proposals that are similar to the very successful Baseball Dollar, and if chosen they may do just as well. Some of the other designs remind me of rehashed been-there-done-that Olympic commems, and i hope they stay away from those.
    Nice to see Kurtis Blow get a mention, you old gangsta! You just may have revived his career……


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