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Champion Summer Hong Kong Auction Attracts Top Bidders, Record Prices for Chinese Coins

Champion Summer Hong Kong Auction Attracts Top Bidders, Record Prices for Chinese Coins

By Champion Auction ……
Champion Auction is the only Asian Auction house which holds auction lot viewing in the US, Taipei, Shanghai, and Hong Kong/Macau area. This policy allows our bidders to bid by phone and online to support a strong floor turnout, which leads to the top auction prices. Champion is also the oldest independent numismatic auction house in the Greater China area, holding floor auctions in Hong Kong since 1996.

The Champion Summer Auction also featured selections from the Howard Bowker Benefit Auction, which will use all proceeds from the auction for the promotion of numismatics, including digitization and education projects, and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Champion Auctions sold 513 out of 554 lots at its Summer Hong Kong Auction, for a 92.3% sell rate. Altogether, the auction realized USD $4,211,794.60.

Lot 496, a 1994 Chinese Singapore Gold kilo, sold for $678,500–which was more than five times higher than any other Hong Kong auction’s top lot. This is third consecutive time in the past auction period that Champion had the top auction lot sold in Hong Kong/Macau.

Champion also had the top Chinese Vintage coin sold. Lot 432 was an NC Collection 1929 Sun Yat-sen Globe Pattern dollar that sold for $472,000. The top six lots auctioned in the recent Hong Kong auction week were all from Champion. Champion also had the top four Chinese Vintage coins sold and four out of the top six Chinese Modern coins sold.

The Hong Kong Auction preview was held in a function room of the Hong Kong Hyatt Regency Hotel on August 22, 2016. The viewing room was packed with guests from the beginning to the end of the preview and we had to hold a private viewing after the regular period and open the preview early the next day before the auction. On the day of the auction, the Hyatt ballroom was packed and standing-room-only, with many collectors not seen since the peak of the Chinese market in 2011. All prices realized include the buyer’s commission.

Many top collectors who came to Hong Kong came to personally view and bid on the coins from the Howard Bowker Collection and other coins from the NC Collection. The top lot of the Bowker Collection was lot 17 (a finest-known Chihli 1896 One Dollar silver coin, NGC MS63). The bidding began at $65,000 and a Taiwan phone bidder went to $230,000. The floor bid continued between a Taiwan and a Hong Kong floor bidder and ended up with a final price of $354,000, a record-setting price, by the Hong Kong bidder.

Lot 6 (a finest-known Empire 1910 Fifty Cents, NGC MS-67) started the auction on a high note and was sold to a young Shenzhen buyer for $28,000.

Lot 9 (an Empire 1911 Dollar) sold to an online buyer from the western United States at $22,990.

Lot 28 (a finest-known Chihli Province 1899 Fifty Cents, NGC MS-64) went to a Taiwan telephone bidder for $59,000.

Lot 31 (China-Chihli 1908 One Dollar silver coin NGC MS-66) was bought by a western American online buyer for $19,360 and lot 32(a China-Fengtian 1898 One Dollar silver coin NGC MS-65) was sold to a Taiwan floor bidder for $54,280.

Lot 33, a finest-known 1898 Fengtian Fifty Cents (NGC MS 65) received intense bidding between a Taiwan floor bidder and a Taiwan phone bidder, who won the lot at $82,600.

Lot 49, the finest-known 1941 Hong Kong Cent NGC MS-64, triggered a spirited bidding war between many Hong Kong floor and phone bidders. It was bought by one of these Hong Kong floor bidders for $28,320.

Lot 65 (a finest-known Kiangnan 1897 Five Cents silver coin), estimated at $100, went for $25,960 to a Chinese floor bidder from Beijing, and Lot 69 (a Kiangnan Province 1902 Ten Cash copper coin NGC MS-66), which was also estimated at $100, went for $10,620 to a top Chinese copper coin collector from Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong.

Lot 93, a 1928 Kweichow Province Auto Dollar NGC MS63 from the Glendinnings Von Halle November 24, 1966 Sale, Lot 779, realized 125 pounds ($350). “Silver Coins of China and the Colony of Hong Kong” was the title of this important auction of machine-struck Chinese coins, conducted on 24 November 1966 by the London coin firm of Glendinning Company. The sale consisted of 626 lots and was the most extensive sale of Chinese silver coins ever held in England before the Kann sale in 1971 and was probably the largest such sale held anywhere in the world. This finest-known 1928 Kweichow Auto Dollar saw spirited floor bidding at the Champion August auction between two Taiwan bidders and a Hong Kong bidder who joined later. The lot was won by the Taiwan floor bidder for a record price of $135,700.

Lots 94, 95 and 96 (all Sinkiang Yakub Beg Tilla gold coins) were bought by a Sinkiang telephone bidder.

Lot 98, a Sinkiang 1878 One Mace silver coin NGC AU-53, was won by a top Chinese collector from the city of Chongqing for $8,260.

Lot 107 (a rare Sinkiang 1904 One Mace silver coin NGC MS-65) saw bidding between a Shenzhen and a Hong Kong floor bidder that was won by the Hong Kong bidder for a record price of $17,700.

A buyer from the eastern United States bought lot 108, a Sinkiang 1905 Five Mace silver coin NGC MS-64.

Lot 139 (a rare Republic 1914 Yuan Shih-kai Five Cents nickel pattern NGC MS-64) saw many floor, phone, and online bids, and was won by a Shanghai floor bidder for $28,320.

Lot 206 (a China-Anhui 1897 One Dollar brass silvered pattern PCGS SP-63+), the extremely rare German Otto Beh pattern dollar, was fought by a top Chongqing collector bidding on the floor and a senior collector from China’s Anwei province bidding by phone. The lot was acquired by the Chongqing floor bidder at $200,600.

Lot 249, a China Kirin 1884 1/2 Tael silver, was bought by a Lanzhou phone bidder for $42,480 over strong online bids.

Lot 343, a very rare China-Republic 1929 Sun Yat-sen Twenty Cents silver pattern NGC MS-62, was competed by a phone bidder from northeast China against a Taiwan floor bidder and was won by the Taiwan bidder at the price of $64,900.

Lot 357 (a China-Republic 1912 Chang Xiluan, Governor of Chihli, first-class medal NGC MS 62) was won by a Lanzhou phone bidder after spirited online bidding at $20,600.

Lot 359, a China-Republic 1920 Ni Si-Chong commemorative gilt bronze medal NGC MS-64, was fought by many floor and phone bidders and was won by a phone bidder from Anhui for $23,600.

Many Chinese Modern coins were very strong too. A floor bidder won lot 497, a 1995 Taiwan Return Silver Kilo, for $64,900; the same bidder also won lot 511, a 2010 China Year of the Tiger Gold Kilo NGC PR-69, for $141,600.

Most of the top coins of the Bowker’s collection and NC collection were purchased by senior collectors who attended this auction in person, which shows the respect of collectors for the quality and rarity of the Howard Bowker East Asia collection and NC Collection.




8月22日,本次拍卖会预展的第一天,前来香港凯悦酒店展览厅参观的宾客络绎不绝,直至展览结束时,预展厅内依然熙熙攘攘。 为了满足众位参观者的需求,我们不得不在预展结束之后私下又进行了一次非正式的展览,并于第二天,即拍卖会当天早上额外给宾客们提供了一次预览拍品的机会。拍卖当天,众多钱币收藏家、币商、各大拍卖公司代表以及钱币学媒体人士齐聚香港凯悦酒店宴会大厅,拍卖会上,许多拍品都受到众位买家的激烈竞标,其中最引人注目的就要数第17号拍品(大清光绪二十二年北洋机器局造壹圆银币)。这枚NGC评级最高分的拍品(NGC MS63)起拍价为6.5万美元,随之电话委托价报到了23万美元,在现场两位分别来自台湾和香港的竞拍者竞相出价之后,17号拍品最终以30万美元的破纪录价格被来自香港的买家竞得。备受关注的6号拍品(1910年宣统年造大清银币伍角样币)被一位年轻的深圳买家以2.8万美元的成交价买走。9号拍品(1911年宣统三年大清银币壹圆)被美国西部的一位网络买家标到,成交价为1. 9万美元。28号拍品,一枚光绪二十五年北洋造光绪元宝库平三钱六分银币的委托价达到了2万美元,并最终以5万美元的成交价由一位来自台湾的电话买家拍得。另一位来自美国西部的网络买家以1.6万美元的价格将31号拍品(光绪三十四年北洋造光绪元宝库平七钱二分银币)买走。第32号拍品(光绪二十四年奉天机器局造壹圆银币)以4.6万美元的价格被现场的一位台湾买家拍走。而第33号拍品,一枚1898年奉天机器局造五角银币(NGC评级MS65,是目前评级最高分之机制币),则引发了现场一位台湾买家和一位台湾电话委托买家之间的激烈竞标,最终,参与电话竞拍的那位台湾买家以7万美元的成交价竞得这枚银币。第49号拍品,一枚1941年香港一仙铜币受到了多位香港买家的追捧,并最终以2.4万美元的价格被其中一位香港买家买走。最初估价仅为100美元的65号拍品(1897年江南省造光绪元宝库平三分六厘银币)被现场一位北京买家以2 .2万美元拍到,另外一枚同样估价为100美元的69号拍品(1902年江南省造光绪元宝当制钱十文铜币)的最终落槌价为9000美元,买主来自与香港仅有一河之隔的深圳。第93号拍品一枚NGC 评级最高分的1928年“汽车币”(NGC MS63, 原1966年11月24日Glendining Von Halle 拍卖会第779号拍品,当时的成交价为125英镑即350美元;1966年11月,伦敦Glendining 公司举办了一场“中国及香港殖民地时期银币”拍卖会。拍品共计626件, 在1971年耿爱德拍卖举办之前,此次1966年拍卖是当时英国甚至有可能是全世界数量最多的一次中国钱币拍卖会。此次拍卖会拍卖的是冯·霍尔的钱币藏品,他的收藏中包罗了从世界各地的币商以及拍卖会中收集到的中国钱币,这些藏品不仅数量丰富,种类齐全,而且还具有非常高的质量 ),最初的起拍价为3 .5 万美元,现场的两位台湾买家竞相出价,对这枚拍品展开了争夺,随后又有一位来自香港的买家参与到了这枚拍品的竞标大战中,最后,这枚备受瞩目的“汽车币”以11.5万美元的成交价被其中一位参与竞拍的台湾客人收入囊中。第94、95、96号拍品均为新疆阿古柏金币,一位来自新疆的电话竞标买家将此3枚金币全部买走,而98号的新疆省造光绪银币壹钱则被现场的一位重庆竞标者以7000美元拍到。 一位深圳和一位香港的买家在拍卖会现场就107号拍品展开了竞争,最终那位香港买家以1 .5万美元的价格标到此枚拍品,创了成交价格的纪录。而108号拍品,一枚1905年新疆省造饷银五钱银币则被一位来自美国东部的买家买走。139号拍品(民国三年袁世凯五分镍币样币)也引发了现场多位买家的竞标,并最终以2.4万美元的价格被现场一位上海的买家拍得。206号拍品,一枚极为稀有的光绪二十三年库平七钱二分黄铜镀银样币,由德国奥托拜赫公司的币模所打造,在经历了现场的一位重庆的钱币收藏家和一位安徽的电话竞标者之间的争夺之后,此枚拍品被现场的重庆买家以17万美元的成交价拿下。249号拍品,一枚光绪十年吉林机器官局监制厂平半两银币,在网上买家相继出价之后,最终由兰州的一位电话委托买家以3.6万美元的价格成交。一位来自东北的电话竞标者则就343号拍品——一枚非常稀有的1929年孙中山像贰角银质样币,同现场一位台湾买家展开了竞争,最终,这枚拍品被台湾买家以5 .5万美元的截标价拍下。357号拍品,一枚民国元年直隶都督(张锡銮)头等纪念牌,在网上竞标之后,由兰州一位电话委托买家拍得,成交价为1.7万美元。359号拍品,一枚1920年天津造币厂制倪嗣冲像安武军纪念鎏金铜章,在经历了现场和电话买家的争抢之后,最终以2万美元的价格被安徽的一位电话委托买家拍下。


此次拍卖的包克藏品大多都被来自香港和台湾资深收藏家买走 ,由此可见这些稀有而高质量的包克钱币藏品在钱币界的人气之高。

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