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Chicago Coin Club Offering Limited Edition Red Book, 13 oz Gold Medal for 100th Anniversary

Chicago Coin Club - Red Book

By Chicago Coin Club ……
The Chicago Coin Club, in conjunction with Whitman Publishing, has released a special edition Red Book® A Guide Book of United States Coins. This special edition Red Book is just one of many ways the club is celebrating its 100th anniversary of being chartered as an official organization in 1919.

The Chicago Coin Club Red Book has a custom cover with the club logo and “Anniversary Edition 1919 – 2019.” The reverse cover lists the club’s Latin motto Docendo Discimus, meaning “We Learn By Teaching” – a reference to the educational aspect of the club’s programs, speakers and numismatic show-and-tell at each meeting.

Also listed on the back cover is the club’s objective:

To pursue numismatic knowledge through the study and research of coins, currency, medals, tokens, and other related items and the sharing of this information through monthly meetings, dialogue, and the publication of literature.”

The spine of the Red Book has a special “CCC 100” imprint. A special two-page bound insert outlines the club history starting with the Chicago Numismatic Society (CNS). A second numismatic group was added with the formation of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Branch No. 1. This was the result of a change in the ANA constitution brought forth at the 1912 Rochester, New York convention, which allowed for the formation of branch clubs. The Secretary of the Society, ever alert to promote the Chicago numismatic community, was the first at that convention to file an application for a charter, thereby entitling the Chicago group the honor of receiving number #1. The two groups were never officially affiliated, even though their membership overlapped considerably. How this history evolved into today’s 100-year-old chartered Chicago Coin Club can be further explored in this Red Book section.

This history continues up to the club’s 1,200th meeting on January 9, 2019, and its upcoming sold-out 100th Anniversary Banquet in August 2019 in conjunction with the ANA World’s Fair of Money®, the largest national numismatic convention that the Chicago Coin Club is serving as host club.

Finally, on page 445 the Red Book lists this special limited edition Chicago Coin Club book in the “Collectable Red and Blue Books” section showing the 250-book print run as one of the lowest limited editions with a Red Book value of $50 in VF and $125 in NEW condition.

This limited edition is expected to sell out fast. Pre-publication sales have sold 67% of the print run. The current book price is $20.00 (add $5.00/book for packaging & shipping)

Interested individuals can order a Chicago Coin Club Red Book

Pre-Paid orders will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and can be placed two ways.

Electronic Payment: Visit www.zellepay.com to see if your bank is part of the Zelle payment network. Your bank’s phone application must be on your smartphone and “location” enabled. The Club has registered [email protected] with Zelle to receive payments. Complete the “What is this for?” message field with “CCC Red Book” and you full Name and Mailing Address. You have 200 characters in the MESSAGE section of ZELLE to add your name and address. You will be notified instantly via email that your payment was sent. The Club will receive your payment typically within minutes. However, the first transaction made on the Zelle Network could take two to three days. Books will be shipped after pre-paid orders are received.

By US Mail: Orders can be sent to CCC REDBOOK PO BOX 2301 CHICAGO IL 60690. All orders must be accompanied by payment.

* * *

13 oz 100th Anniversary Oval-Shaped Medal in.999 Gold

Yes, you read that right – in addition to the copper and .999 silver oval-shaped medals for the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Chicago Coin Club, the 100th Anniversary Medal of the Chicago Coin Club will also be issued in .999 gold weighing 13 troy ounces.

The cost will be approximately $19,000 per medal, with shipping TBD.

The obverse features Chicago’s famed Buckingham Fountain in a horizontal view and the reverse depicts a vertical view of Chicago’s iconic Water Tower.

The club has set a June 15, 2019 ordering deadline. Orders received by that date shall be accepted. A $1,000 deposit, cash or check, will be required. Deposit and full payment to Chicago Coin Company, who will procure the gold.

Make all inquiries to:

Chicago Coin Company
6455 W. Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638

Business: (773) 586-4296
Cell: (773) 852-1209

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