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Classic Favorite Coins: Heritage Offers Rudin Collection at 2018 FUN Show

Heritage Auctions is pleased to offer The Kerry Rudin Collection as a featured collection in our FUN US Coins auction, to be held January 3-8 at the Florida United Numismatists Convention in Tampa. Kerry Rudin sent us a wonderful biography describing his fascination with coins, which included many interesting anecdotes and stories about the different events in his life that led to his lifelong passion for coins and all things numismatic. We are pleased to be able to excerpt a portion of the story here.

“While my first love was Lincoln cents and I continued to upgrade and collect them by date, mintmark, and variety, I decided that I could never afford to buy everything, so I found it very rewarding to collect by type. I may not have every Buffalo nickel ever made, but I sure wanted an example of the 1936 proof and the 1916 doubled die! I don’t have an example of every large cent, but I have an amazing 1793 AMERI Chain cent in an old green label holder that I have owned for decades. You know, special coins… classic coins… coins with history… coins that reflect good and tough times in America… coins that, to me, were special. Coins that you can hold in your hands and appreciate that story behind them.”

rudin collection of US coins

Some of Kerry’s favorite coins in the auction include a splendid 1895 Morgan dollar PR67 Deep Cameo PCGS and an equally fantastic 1879 Flowing Hair stella certified PR66 ★ Ultra Cameo NGC. Most cherished of all, perhaps, is the incomparable 1943-S bronze Lincoln cent certified AU53 NGC, the dream coin of Lincoln cent specialists and a transcendent rarity that attracts the general public as well as collectors young and old. This legendary piece was found in circulation by 14-year-old collector Kenneth S. Wing, Jr. of Long Beach, California in 1944, and the coin is accompanied by Kenneth Wing’s extensive research file including correspondence with Mint officials that is, in itself, an important numismatic resource as well.

Kerry concludes:

“For over 55 years of collecting, these special, historic, beautiful, and unique coins were my passion. It gave me many years of pleasure. My heart tells me how much I would like to keep them but my body says it is time to part. I only hope others get as much passion and pleasure out of owning these historic treasures as I did.”

The Kerry Rudin Collection and the rest of the FUN offerings are open for bidding now at coins.HA.com.

Heritage Auctions
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Heritage Auction Galleries is one of the world's largest collectibles auctioneers. Besides offering rare and valuable U.S. and world coins and currency, Heritage offers ancient coins, exonumia, antiques, comic books, sports memorabilia, and many other collectibles. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas.

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