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Coiniverse App Introduces NFT-Based Coin Ownership Verification

Image: Coinverse.

Coiniverse Ltd, the company behind the Coiniverse app for coin collecting, has introduced a new NFT-based method to verify the ownership of physical coins. The Finland-based Coiniverse has partnered with Trust2Safe Ltd to be the exclusive provider of Trust2Safe’s proprietary technology to both coin collectors and world mints. This method of ownership verification had already been available for all purchases sold within the app’s Coiniverse Shop, but it is now being expanded to all coins, regardless of where they are obtained.

While proof of ownership is undeniably valuable, the technology will also allow for the transferral of the NFT confirming ownership to new owners, thus providing another way to verify the provenance of a numismatic collectible and cut down on the potential for fraud online.

Mints will also be able to deploy the technology from their end as well, establishing verification of ownership back to the coin’s striking.

Several world coins are already eligible for the new service from Coiniverse and Trust2Safe, including:

  • Canada 2024 King Charles III Coronation Portrait $1 silver coin
  • Canada 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf Super Incuse $20 silver coin
  • Cook Islands 2023 Shift of Colours: The Chameleon $5 silver coin
  • Cook Islands 2023 Black Swan $10 silver coin
  • Finland 2014 Ilmari Tapiovaara 10 Euro silver coin
  • Finland 2014 Literacy 10 Euro silver coin
  • Finland 2015 Akseli Gallen-Kallela 150th Anniversary 20 Euro silver coin
  • Ghana 2022 Tree of Life 5 Cedis 1oz silver coin
  • Mali 2022 Icons of Heritage 1,000 CFA silver coin
  • Mongolia 2023 Peter Carl Fabergé – Tsarevich Egg 1,000 Togrog silver coin
  • Samoa 2022 Opposites Attract: Bull & Bear $5 silver coin

For more information about the new NFT-based verification technology on the Coiniverse app, contact Mikko Sievänen, CEO of Coiniverse, via email at [email protected].

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