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CoinWeek Podcast #11 – Coins in Video Games

CoinWeek Assistant Editor Hubert Walker delves into the world of video games for this episode of the CoinWeek Podcast. Doesn’t sound numismatic to you? You’d be surprised – the amount of new coins and money-related items being created in the virtual world of video games has only one rival, the U.S. and world mints.

As the hobby searches to find new ways to bring young people into the hobby, video game developers are creating fantastic interactive worlds, fueled by all manner of virtual money. It is an area of numismatics not often discussed in the hobby mainstream. It could also prove to be an area ripe for introducing young people with the study of money.

Do you know which video games use gil, rupees, rings, and simoleons? You’re about to find out all about coins in video games in this episode of the CoinWeek Podcast.

This podcast is based on an original article by Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker, published exclusively on CoinWeek.com

The CoinWeek Podcast is brought to you by PCGS – the Standard for the Rare Coin Industry.


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