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Comedian Jack Black Shares His Spicy Coin Collection on Conan

American comedian Jack Black (School of Rock, Tropical Thunder) appeared on Conan on TBS last night to promote his new film Jumanji.

Black, a renaissance man of many talents and interests, shared a side of him that most fans of his comedies and his band Tenacious D. might not have been aware of. Black is also a numismatist, with, judging by the coins he shared with Conan O’Brien, a rather sophisticated and fantastical collection.

The highlights of Black’s Collection are impressive, and very spicy.

1793 Cent, which according to Black, Americans thought was pornographic at the time. “You can’t show a woman with her hair flowing in the breeze!”

(Left) Nude Standing Lincoln design, according to Black issued in 1828, before Lincoln was famous, although coin image shows the date 1913. Network censors pixelated Lincoln’s crotch. (Right) 1917 Standing Liberty quarter, which according to an old canard was censored due to puritanical outrage, when in reality the plate mail was added to represent America at war.

The entire bit is hilarious (even more so for the coin hobbyist) and you won’t want to miss it.

Click here to see the entire video.

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Hat Tip to Team Coco for giving CoinWeek the head’s up.

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