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Condition Census 1787 New Jersey Copper Featured in May Stack’s Bowers Baltimore Auction

1787 New Jersey Copper

By James McCartneySenior Numismatist, Stack’s Bowers ……..

Our May 2019 Baltimore Auction will feature an impressive selection of United States colonial coins from the Collection of Larry L. Terrell, including over 65 different varieties of New Jersey coppers. Among the many highlights from this group is an example struck from the Maris 73-aa die pair. It is certified PCGS EF-40 and ranks among the finest specimens known.

Rich shades of mahogany accent the chestnut-brown patina of this Plaited Mane example. The surfaces are lightly glossed and free from consequential blemishes. Considerable traces of luster are visible in the fields, with the most satiny texture around the design elements. Overstruck on a Miller 10-E 1787 Connecticut copper (R-5), this example offers an interesting study for collectors of both series.

Closely double struck on each side, the New Jersey overtype is bold despite weakness from die failure that is diagnostic to this marriage. Natural planchet texture shows through at the centers and the reverse peripheries. The Connecticut host coin is oriented 90 degrees counterclockwise relative to the obverse of the New Jersey overstrike, with the letters of AUCTORI visible in exergue below the plow and the effigy’s head emerging from the left side of the horse. The reverse shows a 180-degree orientation, as the globe is distinct above the center of the shield and the seated figure’s hand is visible at the first star.

New Jersey State Coppers lists 11 examples in the Condition Census for the 73-aa variety, ranging from AU through VF. The present example is in the middle of this roster but has been off the radar of modern numismatists for the past three decades. This important specimen was last available 27 years ago where it was offered in our sale of the legendary Henry Garrett Collection in March 1992. We are thrilled to offer it now to a new generation of collectors as a highlight of the Collection of Larry L. Terrell.

Our May 2019 Baltimore Auction will be available for viewing and bidding on our website www.StacksBowers.com, or you may contact our offices to secure a printed catalog. To speak with a numismatic representative, please call 800-458-4646 or email [email protected]. Also, download our mobile app to view and participate in our auctions via your Android or Apple device.

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