Cool Coins at the Houston Money Show of the Southwest 2011 host David Lisot interviews participants at the Money Show of the Southwest in Houston, Texas to find out what “cool” coins or bank notes they have in stock. See some of the most interesting and beautiful numismatic items including an 1882 Proof Trade Dollar, 1853-C $5 Liberty gold, 1803 copper Large Cent-Sheldon 260, 1824 Central American Republic 8 escudo gold and 1836 silver 8 reales, 1899 $5 Indian Chief Silver Certificate and an 1881 toned Morgan Dollar.
Length: 6:05


The 55th annual Money Show of the Southwest in Houston, Texas, sponsored by the Greater Houston Coin Club. This year’s convention included more than 200 dealers from around the country trading in coins, precious metals, paper money and other collectibles.

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